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Sentinel Spaces: A Secure Platform to Enhance Incident Response & Corporate Resilience

Prepare Spaces dedicated to specific Threats or Locations.

Configure each Space with the required people, prepared communications, business continuity and crisis plans- ready to be activated.

Enhance your Organisational and Operational resilience on this simple-to-use secure independent platform.

Platform Tools

Improve major incident response with powerful communication, collaboration and reporting tools you combine for a solution customised to your needs.

Explore Sentinel Modules

Deployment Modes

Configure your Sentinel deployment to respond to a wide array of business use cases that can include organisational resilience, crisis management and emergency notification.

Discover the Use Cases

Industry Sectors

The Sentinel platform is flexible, ensuring your setup can be configured to satisfy the unique requirements, regulations, standards and compliance of your industry sector.

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Why Sentinel?

Intuitive design & clear step-by-step actions let you perform key actions in a few quick clicks
Secure by Design
Cutting-edge security, single client deployment & identity access controls ensure a secure setup
Available & Accessible
Our out-of-band platform is cloud based and  accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device
Realtime Monitoring
Stay informed with visibility of conversations, communications and decisions in realtime
Sentinel is GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliant
All information in Sentinel is managed, stored, and processed in line with GDPR requirements
Sentinel is Fully Auditable
Fully Auditable

Every communication, action and decision is logged. Nothing can be deleted, lost or hidden

Post Event Insights

Built-in reporting delivers deep insights for post incident review. Analyse, learn and improve

Dedicated Support
Dedicated Support

Make the most of Sentinel with personalised onboarding, 24/7 support and helpdesk resources

Discover how industry leading organisations
use YUDU Sentinel to improve their major
incident response capabilities

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