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Incident Information Hotlines and no-wait Reporting Lines

Scale outbound incident communications to keep everyone updated and seamlessly collect and route inbound reporting information.

Sentinel Hotline cloud telephony is a powerful and versatile tool for managing communications during emergencies and incidents. The ability to set up lines in advance or spin up ad hoc lines in under 60 seconds is very useful for responding to unexpected situations.

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Sentinel Hotline - Alert Example


Sentinel Hotline is designed to improve communication and the flow of information during disruptive and emergency situations. Hotlines are used for keeping staff, contractors and a wider audience informed during fast moving events, filling the communication vacuum that occurs so frequently.

Importantly, incident managers can push out updates with minimal effort to multiple hotlines providing specific information for each one that may relate to a geographical area or any specific group.

There are two types of Hotlines

Sentinel Hotline - Incident Information Lines

Incident Information Lines

Sentinel Incident Information lines provides updates to a wide group of people during outages. Helping to mitigate any negative impacts of website and system downtime.

Each Incident Information Line can handle millions of inbound calls per minute, making it an impressive and highly scalable solution to improve incident response.

Sentinel Hotline - Reporting Lines

Reporting Lines

Sentinel's specialist Reporting Hotlines enable staff or any group to report their status or information quickly and easily through voicemails. Automating the collection of inbound information.

Responders can be assigned to each Hotline for purposes like providing immediate assistance, logging product defects, or collecting on location feedback.

Hotline Features

Hotline Features - Instant Incident Updates

No-wait for incident updates

Hotline handles 1000s of simultaneous calls to always provide instant updates during incidents

Hotline Features - Text-to-speech

Text-to-speech with natural voice

Instantly convert your text updates to natural voice to provide clear and consistent information via phone

Hotline Features - Automated Call Answering

Automated inbound call answering

Hotline answers calls and provides incident updates, freeing your team to focus on response efforts

Hotline Features - AI Translation

AI translated speech in 22 languages

AI software articulates text in a perfect accent in 22 languages to increase the reach of incident alerts

Hotline Features - Voicemail Management Software

Voicemail management Tools

Responders can monitor voice messages, triage urgency, call back, make call notes and assign followup tasks

Hotline Features - Call Routing Software

Built in call routing software

Create a switchboard of Hotlines to deliver updates & collect voicemails by location, office, department, or product

Hotline Features - Web and App-based Access

Web and mobile app access

Respond to crisis situations anytime, anywhere on any device with app and web-based access to Sentinel Hotline

Hotline Features - Website News Ticker

Breaking news ticker for website

Embed a news ticker on your web properties to automatically replicate the hotline message for web visitor

Hotline Features - Independent Cloud-based Software

Independent cloud-based platform

Hotline is cloud-based and independent, so you can still provide updates & collect reports if your system is compromised

Hotline Features - Built-in Reporting Tools

Built in auditing & reporting tools

Respond to crisis situations anytime, anywhere on any device with app and web-based access to Sentinel Hotline

Getting Started

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 1

Dedicated 24/7 support available

Sentinel Hotline provides dedicated online & telephone support options scaling up to 24/7 support. So you can access support services anytime, anywhere for complete peace of mind.

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 2

Personalised onboarding & training

Sentinel Hotline is a cloud based SaaS platform. Meaning there's nothing to install. With personalised onboarding and training, your Sentinel Hotline will be up and running in 24 hours.

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 3

Resources & materials to keep you prepared

Gain access to our combined knowledge and expertise through carefully curated crisis communications resources. Helping prepare you for disruptive events.

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Ross on Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline

Ross-On-Wye Town Council uses Sentinel Hotline to connect vulnerable and isolated residents in need of assistance

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Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline

Buro Happold uses Sentinel Hotline to provide crisis updates across 24 locations to 1900 employees

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