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An Automated Call Centre for Crisis Situations

Improve information flow and free your team to focus on incident response

Sentinel Hotline automates call handling to provide incident updates and collect voicemails in crisis situations. So your crisis team can focus on incident response, helping you return to normal operations faster.

Our cloud-based automation software improves communication and information flow in crisis situations. Automatically answer calls, provide voice updates, collect voicemails and redirect them to the right department for action.

Call handling and voicemail management tools for crisis situations - All under one roof.

In 60 seconds, Sentinel Hotline can create an automated high-volume telephone line for crisis situations to answer calls, provide information updates, collect and distribute voicemails.

Speech-to-text and AI translation software lets you create voice updates available in 22 languages. While voicemail management technology collects, assigns and notifies the right teams of information arriving via voice messages.

Key Sentinel Hotline features include:

  • Automated inbound call answering
  • Text-to-speech with natural voice
  • AI translation into 22 languages
  • Voicemail management software
  • Call routing software
  • Mobile app access
  • Independent cloud-based platform

Improve Crisis Communications with Sentinel Hotline

Sentinel Hotline combines communication and voicemail management tools to create an automated call centre in crisis situations. Handling inbound calls, crisis updates and voicemail collection, freeing your teams to focus on crisis response.


Crisis Preparation

Be ready to provide information updates when crisis events occur. Create Hotlines with pre-prepared messaging for multiple crisis scenarios to save time when disaster strikes.

Configure voicemail collection Hotlines by location, office, department, or product. Setting up auto-message assignment and notification, so voicemails are routed to the right person.

+ Be ready to respond to crisis scenarios, as they occur
+ Avoid losing valuable time in crisis situations
+ Prevent mistakes making it into crisis communications


Crisis Handling

When crisis events occur, instantly activate Hotlines for inbound callers to access crisis updates and leave voicemails. Callers can subscribe to Hotlines and receive alerts for future updates.

Use the voicemail management system to flag, assign, and notify teams of new messages. Allowing inbound information to quickly be assessed, prioritised, and actioned in repsonse.

+ Automatically update key stakeholders on crisis events
+ Allow crisis teams to focus on response
+ Quickly prioritise and act on inbound information


Crisis Analyisis

Built-in tracking software logs every action and collects a wide range of statistics for each individual Hotlines. Ideal for auditing, compliance, and post-event analysis of crisis situations.

Analyse key call and message metrics for each Hotline. Assess the response efforts of your crisis team and uncover areas to improve incident response efforts in future situations.

+ Analyse crisis response for future improvement
+ Record key actions and statistics for compliance
+ Save time creating post-event analysis reports

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Key Sentinel Hotline Features

Cloud-based Call Handling Software

Cloud-based call handling software

Text-to-speech with AI Translation

Text-to-speech with AI translation

Voicemail Management Software

Voicemail management software

Sentinel Hotlines never miss a call. Our cloud-based system scales to handle 1000s of simultaneous calls. With built-in failover scenarios to ensure your platform is always available.

Explore Call Handling

Create clear and consistent natural voice crisis updates in seconds using the latest text-to-speech technology. With auto-translation into 22 languages at zero additional effort.

Explore Text-to-Voice

Automate collecting, assigning, and notifying teams of inbound voicemails. To accelerate and improve the process of assessing, prioritising, and actioning the information within these messages.

Explore Voicemail Management
Call Routing Software

Call routing software

Web and App-based Access

Web and app-based access

Built-in Reporting

Built in auditing and reporting tools

Create a switchboard for multiple Hotlines without additional hardware. Deliver updates & collect voicemails by location, office, department, or product.

Explore Call Routing

The power to respond to crisis situations in your pocket. App and web-based access lets you connect to Sentinel Hotline anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Explore Mobile Access

All communications, actions and statistics are logged for post-event analysis, auditing and compliance. Uncover key insights to improve your future crisis response efforts.

Explore Built-in Reporting

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Getting started with Sentinel Hotline

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 1

Dedicated 24/7 support available

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 2

Personalised onboarding & training

Getting started with Sentinel - Step 3

Resources & materials to keep you prepared

Sentinel Hotline provides dedicated online & telephone support options scaling up to 24/7 support. So you can access support services anytime, anywhere for complete peace of mind.

Sentinel Hotline is a cloud based SaaS platform. Meaning there's nothing to install. With personalised onboarding and training, your Sentinel Hotline will be up and running in 24 hours.

Gain access to our combined knowledge and expertise through carefully curated crisis communications resources. Helping prepare you for disruptive events.

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