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Webinars & Crisis Simulations

Explore a range of crisis communications webinars from industry experts sharing their knowledge and shining a light on the latest trends.

Embedding digital communications in BC plans

Explore digital communications and the role it plays in business continuity.

Crisis simulation for a data breach and ransom

Join the crisis management team as you react to a simulated data breach.

Crisis simulation for responding to a terror attack

We look at how to handle terror attacks in a largely remote-working world.

To stay relevant Business Continuity must adapt

We discuss how COVID is changing business continuity.

Are you ready to return to the office post-lockdown?

We look at perils, pitfalls and solutions for staff returning to the office.

Lockdown cyber-attack simulation exercise

Jim Preen runs a cyber simulation exercise with you in the driving seat.

Fixing the cyber security risks of remote working

We troubleshoot issues companies face with growth in home working.

Safety and security during the lockdown period

Understand the need for security when working from home during COVID.

Mental wellbeing during the Coronavirus outbreak

Dr. Liz Royale discusses mental well-being and how to maintain it.

A cyber security discussion with the Anti-Social Engineer

We meet industry expert Richard De Vere, renowned Anti-Social Engineer.

Crisis communications and the erosion of trust

Techniques of how to communicate in a crisis with PR Expert, Liz Hartley.

The perils of WhatsApp for corporate communications

Understand the risks WhatsApp presents to your business.