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Webinars & Crisis Simulations

Explore a range of educational webinars focussed on Crisis Communications and Digital Publishing. Listen to industry experts sharing their knowledge and shining a light on the latest trends.

Webinar - Digital Comms in Business Continuity Plans

Embedding digital communications in business continuity plans

Explore digital communications and the role it plays in business continuity.

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Simulation - Data Breach Sceanrio

Crisis simulation for a data Breach and ransom

Join the crisis management team as you react to a simulated data breach and ransom.

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Simulation - Terror-attack Exercise

Crisis Simulation for Responding to a Terror Attack

We take a fresh look at how to handle terror attacks in a largely remote-working world.

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Webinar - To stay relevant Business Continuity must adapt

To stay relevant Business Continuity must adapt

We discuss how Covid-19 is changing business continuity and crisis management.

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Webinar - Ready to go back to the Office?

Are you ready to return to the office post-lockdown?

On this webinar, we look at the perils, pitfalls & solutions to get staff back to the office.

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Simulation - Lockdown Cyber-attack Simulation Exercise

Lockdown Cyber-attack Simulation Exercise

On this webinar Jim Preen is running a cyber simulation exercise and you’re in the driving seat.

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Webinar - Fix Home Working Cyber Security Risks

Fixing The Home Working Cyber Security Risks

We discuss the new complex cyber security challenges facing businesses with home working.

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Webinar - Safety & Security during Covid-19

Safety and Security during The Lockdown Period

Discover the importance of safety, security and protection working from home in COVID-19.

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Webinar - Mental Wellbeing During Coronavirus

Mental Wellbeing during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Dr. Liz Royale discusses mental wellbeing and how to maintain it during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Webinar - Cyber Security with the Anti-Social Engineer

A cyber security discussion with the Anti-Social Engineer

We discuss cyber security with industry expert Richard De Vere, the renowned Anti-Social Engineer.

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Webinar - Crisis Comms & the Erosion of Trust

Crisis communications and the erosion of trust

Explore techniques of how to communicate during a crisis with PR Industry Expert, Liz Hartley.

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Webinar - The Perils of WhatsApp

Discovering the Perils of WhatsApp for corporate communications

Discover the risks WhatsApp can present to your business with YUDU CEO, Richard Stephenson.

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