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Central or Locally Managed Incidents    Spaces prepared in Advance for Identified Risks

Improved Agility    Multiple Communication Channels    Reduced Crisis Stress

Sentinel Spaces - The Next Generation of Major Incident Response

Spaces is a brand new way to deploy Sentinel for multi-site and multi-incident communications. It can also be set up for specific threats.

Spaces are prepared in advance for major risks and ready to be activated when they occur. This is a major new capability for rapid response that can reduce the impact of critical events.

Sentinel Spaces is the perfect solution for multiple sites, where crisis response is best managed locally. Central teams support local teams who use the full set of Sentinel tools within their ring-fenced space. 
Spaces lets you create multiple isolated instances of Sentinel, all from a single deployment.

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What is Sentinel Spaces?

Spaces is a powerful new architecture that lets you create multiple ring-fenced spaces within your Sentinel deployment.

Incidents can be managed locally within a country or at any location around the world but with oversight and support from the centre. 

Spaces also provide an effective way to prepare for major risks by creating dedicated spaces for identified risks that can be immediately activated when needed.

Each space is pre-populated with the prepared broadcasts, action, recovery plans, and all the staff and external contacts that may be needed. Clear dashboards and navigation help understand the incident progress and provide access to all the Sentinel communication tools: Secure chat, mass notification, conference calls, and crisis hotlines.

Instructions and plans relevant to the space are instantly available to crisis management staff. The plans are the essential response framework but agility to respond to the actual events is key to fast resolution. Sentinel Secure Chat and conferencing provide a safe collaboration space for the team to share information and resolve problems. 

Each Space is configurable and has a tamper-proof audit trail. For added personal data protection, users control their data-sharing preferences. They can use all the tools without others seeing sensitive data such as personal phone numbers. 


Control User Access

Easily control access to incident Spaces, roles and permissions 


Powerful Communication Tools

Each Space can utilise the full range of Sentinel Communication Tools 


Provide Critical Files & Documents

Create a secure digital lockbox of critical documents relevant to each Incident Space.


Key Contacts Directory

Add the key external contacts relevant to each Incident Space to allow fast communication to customers, supply chains and other key stakeholders.

Use Cases


Location Based Spaces

Create a Space for each of your operations  - offices, multi-tenant buildings, hotel chains, manufacturing locations, building sites, oil rigs, university faculties, and multi-site retailers.  

When a major on-site incident occurs, local teams can run the incident with targeted communications only to those affected. Localised response and evacuation plans make for swift action with key relevant contacts, including suppliers and customers, that can all be informed with a click.


Incident Specific Spaces

Create Spaces for specific incidents -  cyber attacks, extreme weather, fire, power outages and political unrest. 

The prepared Space can be made live in seconds and the Space becomes the place where all actions are managed. Incident Stress is a common issue that Sentinel Spaces helps to reduce but having clear pathways to incident resolutions and all the communication tools in one place, simple to use, and fully audited.