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Our History

The YUDU software development started in 2003 and the team developed and launched Sentinel in 2015. The idea was to build new creative capabilities to our award-winning cloud-based SAAS platform that would enable organisations to become more resilient when facing critical incidents such as cyber-attacks, power outages, extreme weather events, fires and any other threat to business as normal.

YUDU has its roots in advanced document management using apps to deliver content. The platform was built by teams based in Clitheroe, Lancs and London. Over the following years, the business expanded and opened offices in Boston and New York. More than 1,000 apps have been built for clients.

Sentinel was developed closely with end clients and expert consultants to ensure that it was simple to use and effective in managing critical events. Development of features and capabilities has continued at a great pace and we are proud to supply services to some of the most demanding and well-known clients.