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SMS Alerting Reinvented

An affordable and simple-to-use mass alerting tool for rapid mobile messaging, automated data management and GDPR compliance by default.

Ideal for anything from emergency alerting to daily information updates.

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The Alertline Approach to SMS Communications

We've combined our powerful and intuitive technology with a streamlined and data light approach to alerting.

Letting you send the alert communications you need with less of the effort. This is achieved by:

  • Simplifying alert subscription - your audience can opt-in via a QR code in less than 5 seconds and can opt-out at any time. Giving control over the communications they receive and removing your need to build and maintain subscriber lists.
  • Automating list management - set an automated schedule to erase subscriber lists. Removing your need to manually delete data and enusring your audience don't receive irrelevant alerts.
  • GDPR compliance by default - only a mobile number is required for alert sign up. Meaning you don't have to worry about GDPR as no personally identifiable information is collected.
  • Rapid communication - SMS communications can be written and sent in seconds. So you can vital information at speed when it matters most.
  • Focusing on alert visibility - SMS messaging has a 98% delivery rate, 97% open rate and is typically read inside 3 minutes. Ensuring your alert reaches and is seen by your audience in a timely manner.
  • Complete sender control - powerful and easy-to-use identity management ensures only the right people can access and send alerts.
  • Providing insight to alert performance - gain access to statistics and activity audits to unlock insights and improve the success of future alerts.

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Alertline SMS Alert

Key Features

Icon - SMS Alert Visibility

Maximise your alert visibility

SMS has a 98% open rate, and cuts through social media clutter ensuring communications are read.

Icon - Simple Sign-Up for Alerting

Fast & friction free user registration

Users register by QR code, no Apps or forms. Mobile numbers are immediately registered and users can unsubscribe.

Icon - Visitor & temporary alerting

Visitor and temporary

Automatically purge and reset lists on a fixed date & time, or a regular schedule, daily, weekly or monthly.

Icon - Secure console for easy alert sending

Secure Web console for easy sending

Send SMS alerts that arrive within seconds and have a near 100% deliverability rate.

Icon - GDPR Compliant

GDPR taken care of: Data simplified

Users can remove themselves at any time. Personal identifiable data is not retained.

Icon - Simple cost control

Cost control made

See the cost of SMS blasts ahead of sending, so you can easily stay within your budget.

Industry Specific Use Cases

Venue Icon - Shopping Centres & Retails

Shopping Centres &
Retail Parks

  • Security control centres can send alerts to retailers or shoppers such as, be alert, lockdown or evacuate.
  • Issue return instruction when it is safe
  • Encourage sign-ups with retailer's daily offers
  • Let visitors know about upcoming events
Venue Icon - Office Blocks

Multi-Tennant Buildings &
Office Blocks

  • Alert building tenants in the event of an evacuation
  • Manage re-occupation without overcrowding
  • Update tenants on planned works and disruption
  • Share news and updates about the building or the immediate vicinity
Business Improvement Districts Industry Icon

Business Improvement

  • Update members on local disruptions like roadworks, demonstrations or street events
  • Send out security alerts for criminal incidents
  • Keep members up-to-date on BID events
Education Industry Icon

University & College

  • Create Alertlines by buildings and halls
  • Instantly alert students and staff to incidents on campus
  • Purge data at the end of the academic year

Plans & Pricing

Alertline offers a simple subscription-based model with transparent pricing. Making it easy to control your alert communication costs.



Including 2,400 SMS segments + £0.07 segments overage

What's included:

  • Automated subscriber list management
  • Scalable SMS alerting tool
  • GDPR compliant
  • Subscription QR code and/or standard poster
  • Local dial number for non smartphone users
  • SMS sender ID for trusted comms
  • Secure web console to manage messaging
  • Ability to add and remove managers
  • Unlimited seats/managers

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