Emergency Notification System

Improve your emergency communications to ensure staff safety and resolve emergency situations faster. Allowing you to quickly resume normal operations and protect against reputational damage.

YUDU Sentinel as an Emergency Notification System

Sentinel's simple to use Emergency Notification System lets you alert thousands of people in seconds to minimise risk to staff and the public.

Two-way communication means you know who is safe and helps you focus emergency response efforts.

As a cloud-based platform, mobile app access lets you send emergency alerts from anywhere. Even when your internal systems are compromised.

Our emergency notification platform is designed to ensure staff safety, prevent reputational damage, and quickly resolve emergency situations, so you can resume normal operations sooner.

Features & Benefits of Sentinel's Emergency Mass Notification System

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Templates & Distribution Groups Icon

Templates & Distribution Groups

Create & Send Emergency Alerts Faster

Emergency Mass Alerting Logos

Emergency Mass Alerting

Send Targetted Alerts to 10,000s in Seconds

Two-Way Communication Icon

Two-Way Communication

Check Safety & Focus Emergency Response

Multi-Channel Communication Icon

Multi-Channel Communication

Improve the Visibility of Emergency Alerts

Cloud-Based App Icon

Cloud-Based App

Disaster Resilient Communication Platform

Teleconferencing Icon


Facilitate Quick & Effective Decision Making

Detailed Audit Logs Icon

Detailed Audit Logs

Maintain Government & Industry Compliance

Post Incident Reports Icon

Post Incident Reports

Improve Your Emergency Response Plans

Send and Deliver Emergency Alerts Faster

The Sentinel emergency communication system is designed to help you create and send mass alerts in under 60 seconds.

Pre-prepared templates and distribution groups let you build and send emergency alerts in just a few quick clicks.

Our platform architecture ensures messages are delivered on time and on target through all major communication channels.

Your alert recipients are informed sooner, so can react faster and minimise their risk exposure.

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Speed of Emergency Alerts
Emergency Mass Alerting

Scale Your Emergency Mass Notifications to 10,000s

Our emergency mass notification software lets you scale your communications from 10 to 10,000 in a few quick clicks.

Combine this with distribution groups to target your alerts to specific teams, offices and locations. Ensuring those that need to be alerted receive the right communications.

This simplicity speeds up your emergency response efforts.

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Check Staff Safety and Focus Crisis Response Efforts

Our two-way emergency communication software lets you send notifications that require a response using quick response options.

This lets you co-ordinate your response. You can 're-send' notifications to those yet to respond. Or perform specific follow-up actions based on the responses you receive.

Two-way communication helps you to focus your crisis response efforts on those most in need. Helping you make safe those in danger, and provide support yo those that need it.

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Two Way Communication
Multi-Channel communications

Improve Visibility of Emergency Alerts

Sentinel's multi-channel communications functionality lets you send alerts across multiple channels with a few clicks. Helping amplify your communications and improve alert visibility.

Deliver your emergency communications to all mobile and desktop devices via email, SMS, programmable voice, in-app, and chat channels in less than 60 seconds.

If more people know, then more people can react.

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Disaster Resilient Communications Sent from Anywhere

Send out incident notifications from your smartphone or tablet via the emergency notification app.

A crisis doesn't always occur when you are in the office or during office hours. With Sentinel, you don't have to be sat behind a desktop control centre to manage an incident and communicate with your people.

Hosted on an independent cloud-based platform, Sentinel is disaster resilient. Ensuring you can always access the platform even when your own systems are compromised or inaccessible.

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Cloud-Based Application

Quick and Effective Decision Making

Instantly connect people in a crisis with Secure Instant Teleconferencing (SIT).

Sentinel SIT is fast and simple to use. Instantly connecting groups of people to talk and agree a response to the emergency situation.

  • Participants are called. No need for pins or dial-in numbers
  • Invitees respond to an SMS to advise on availability
  • Recordings are immediately available after the call
  • Security by default - the call can't be passed to others
  • Participants pay no call charges
  • Simple billing - monthly licence fee for the module and call-itemised usage charge
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Fully Audited and GDPR Compliant

Sentinel is designed to help you maintain compliance in line with GDPR.

Every detail of Sentinel usage is recorded and available through a downloadable audit log.

As a company, YUDU is ISO 27001:2013 Registered and an HM Government G-Cloud Supplier. Demonstrating our commitment to security and compliance.

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Maintain Your Compliance
Post Incident Reporting

Improve Emergency Response Plans and Processes

When Sentinel is in use, every action and communication is saved in real time for post-incident analysis and learning.

You’ll access vital information that can include:

  • Which communication channels have the best delivery and response rates.
  • The messaging included in the emergency alerts.
  • Who made what decision and when they made it.
  • An audit log of everything that occurred.

You’ll uncover critical insights into your emergency response. Helping you to alter your emergency response plans and processes, so you are better prepared for future events.

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Internaional law firm Travers Smith deploy the Sentinel platform as a crisis management solution.

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Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline

Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline to deliver crisis updates across 24 locations to 1900 employees.

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Victoria BID use Sentinel

Victoria BID deploy the Sentinel platform in emergency situations for mass alerting & crisis management.

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Ross on Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline

Ross-On-Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline to connect vulnerable & isolated residents in need of assistance.

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Our awards and accreditations

HM Government G-Cloud Supplier
ISO 27001:2013 Registered
BCI Gold Partner
CIR 2020 Awards - Shortlisted
Computing Digital Technology Leaders Awards 2019
Cyber Essentials Certified
CIR Business Continuity Awards 2019


Discover how the Sentinel Emergency Notification System improves your emergency response to ensure staff safety. While speeding your return to normal working operations

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