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Sentinel Modules

Individual tools combined for custom solutions

The Sentinel Platform is a collection of communication and document management tools known as modules. You can deploy a single module, or combine them, to create a solution fully customised to meet your business needs and budget.

Click on the icons below to find out more about each individual Sentinel Module


Mass Alerting & 2-Way Communication

Send 1000s of alerts through multiple communication channels to any device in under 60 seconds and receive quick responses.


Chat Channels - Instant Messaging

Instantly connect teams in secure group chats to collaborate, share documents and make key decisions. All recorded and auditable.


Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Instantly create group calls and invite participants to connect, collaborate and make key decisions. With optional call recording for auditing.


Hotline - Incident Information Lines

Create an automated text-to-voice driven phone line in under 60 seconds to deliver incident information updates to large audiences quickly.


Document Management & Distribution

Store and distribute key files to the right people at the right time. Always available on any device with the option for offline access.


Hotline - Reporting Lines

Easily collect inbound information with a reporting line to collect voicemails, log callback requests and triage based on urgency.


Enterprise Branded App

Access Sentinel through a secure, self-contained, and fully branded app. With added features like offline access and mobile device management.



Simplify the process of adding platform users and contacts to alerting lists. Helping minimise admin to save time, money and improve incident alerting.


API for Platform Automation

Connect Sentinel to third-party software and IOT devices to automate synchronisation of data and create tiggers for platform processes like incident alerting.

Platform Modules

Mass Alerting & Two-Way Communication

The Sentinel mass alerting module is designed to simplify and accelerate the process of sending emergency communications. Improving your crisis response efforts and ensuring the safety of individuals.

  • Send and deliver emergency alerts faster - create pre-prepared broadcasts with message templates and distribution groups. These can be triggered in under 60 seconds when set scenarios occur.
  • Easily scale your communications - send alerts to 10 or 10,000 individuals with a few quick clicks when creating broadcast distribution groups.
  • Check staff safety and focus response efforts - two-way communication lets you send notifications with quick response options to help identify those in danger, or in need of support.
  • Increase the visibility of your alerts - use multi-channel communications to simultaneously send alerts across email, SMS, programmable voice, in-app, and chat channels with only a few additional clicks.
  • Send mass alerts anytime, anywhere - create and send emergency alerts on the move with web-based access from your smartphone or tablet. App-based access is also available if you opt for an enterprise branded app.
  • Improve future emergency communications - tracking and reporting features allow you to analyse the effectiveness of your response efforts.

Chat Channels - Safe Corporate Communications

Chat Channels is designed for specialist teams in business and the public sector.

It raises the bar for privacy by allowing the user to keep private their phone number and other personal details from other members of a chat. In addition, all communications are encrypted between users but also stored on company controlled Private VPN Cloud servers for compliance and oversight to prevent misuse.

A specific example is for Crisis Response Teams to collaborate using chat, sharing videos, images and documents to get incidents resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Improved communication and decision-making - a communication channel for teams to connect, report, debate and make key decisions particularly in a crisis.
  • Improved resilience - the system is independent of normal communication channels which may be unavailable in a cyber or ransomware attack.
  • Connecting the right people and controlling access- simple-to-use admin functions make it easy for specialist teams to have full independent control of roles.
  • Collaboration anytime, anywhere - teams can access from any desktop or mobile device with iOS and Android apps.
  • Maintaining full corporate oversight - this self-contained platform gives you full visibility of all messages sent, files shared, and decisions made.
  • Protecting Staff - compelling staff to use social media apps creates legal jeopardy. Exposing phone numbers to others can lead to unwanted contact and abuse in private channels if users believe communications are unseen.
  • Securing sensitive communications - Sentinel's single client setup delivers a ring-fenced system with cutting edge security to keep sensitive communications private.

Secure Instant Teleconferencing (SIT)

Instantly connect crisis teams on secure conference bridge calls to establish key facts and coordinate response efforts.

  • It's easy to create teleconferences for rapid response - pre-prepared groups let you instantly launch a teleconference in a few clicks. SIT creates the conference, calling all contacts on their preferred phone.
  • The always available communication channel - voice communication via SIT connects people worldwide via mobile, VOIP and traditional landlines. A disaster-resistant network often retains some landlines that do not rely on the internet or power.
  • Encrypted call records - call recordings and call logs are kept secure on your Sentinel servers.
  • Secure by default for peace of mind - teleconference invitations can’t be passed to others, giving you complete control over who joins the call.
  • Teams can easily join teleconferences with a click - no pins or numbers to remember. Participants receive either a call, or an invitation notification and click to join.
  • Access insights on decision-making and team working - calls can be recorded and instantly available upon completion. Analyse the effectiveness of your crisis response and decision-making process for learning and training.

Incident Information Lines - The safe way to deliver updates

Mass notification via SMS or other channels requires contacts to be on a database, but the Incident Information Lines require no database. Inbound local rate calls keep a wider group of people informed - adjacent buildings, family and friends and the media.

  • Post information updates in seconds - from mobile or desktop, posting updates to the digital bulletin board is fast and easy. Inbound callers listen to the latest incident update.
  • No waiting in call queues - the cloud-based call system can handle 1000s of simultaneous calls.
  • No need for Twitter - posting on Twitter creates dangerous distractions that are difficult to manage, attracting misinformation through unwanted comments, rumours and trolling.
  • Simple-to-use - type information updates and the latest text-to-speech technology does the rest.
  • 22 languages supported - type in any supported language and your updates convert into the perfect pronunciation in the world’s most common languages. Helping increase the reach and understanding of your information updates.
  • Available on QR codes - simplify the calling process, creating pre-incident QR codes that can be scanned to trigger a click-to-call pop-up on mobile devices.

Reporting Lines - The easy way to manage inbound information

Create a reporting line to capture voicemails and improve the management of information inflow. There are no limits to the number of lines that can be set up.

It is best practice to have multiple specific lines, rather than one general line. Responders can be assigned to each line for purposes such as providing immediate assistance to a threat, logging simple product defects or collecting on-location feedback.

  • Voicemail & Callback - calls are instantly answered, messages are left and callback requests made, if required.
  • Triage by urgency - prevent callers with urgent needs or vital information being left waiting in long call queues. Sentinel responders can quickly prioritise callbacks using the advanced voice call management console and deal with urgent cases first.
  • Accessibility - using voice calls enables disabled, vulnerable or injured persons to alert support teams easily.

Document Management and Distribution

Sentinel lets you securely store and deliver critical documents and media to the right people at the right time. Ensuring vital information is always accessible anytime, anywhere, without the need for internet connectivity.

  • Deliver critical or large files to the right people at the right time - append the file to any broadcast with a time limited transfer link. Send with one click via email, SMS or in-app message any virus-checked document, video or image to groups or people that need them.
  • Provide offline access to critical documents anytime, anywhere - the mobile app allows critical documents to be downloaded and available offline regardless of time or location.
  • Only provide the latest information - documents with the same filename overwrite existing documents, with prior versions retained for security. Documents are automatically downloaded to mobile devices into categories.
  • Control access to key documents - assign documents to specific groups to restrict access.
  • Secure information-sensitive documents - document encryption at rest ensures the best security against cyber hacks and encryption during transfer is standard. All documents are scanned during upload for the latest viruses and malware and are quarantined if infected. Two-factor authentication, biometric id on the app and the AWS security infrastructure combine to ensure information in your documents remain secure.

Enterprise Branded App

Access the full functionality of Sentinel through your very own branded app. While creating a trusted source in your business for communications and documentation in crisis vents.

  • Manage crisis situations anytime, anywhere on any device - access the full functionality of Sentinel tools from any smartphone device. Deploy your very own enterprise app compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Create a trusted source for crisis events - wrap Sentinel in your own branding and deliver a trusted platform for crisis communications and documentation.
  • Control access to the Sentinel platform - combine your enterprise app with a mobile device management system to control access to your platform. Two-factor authentication and identity access management combine to deliver increased protection.
  • Deliver offline access to critical documents - an enterprise app enables your team to download critical documents to their local device for offline access.
  • Create an additional communication channel - launching an enterprise app unlocks the ability to send push notifications and deliver emergency alert messages direct to mobile devices.

Self-Registration - Contact & User Sign-up Simplified

The Sentinel Self-Registration module simplifies the process of adding users and contacts to the platform - saving time, money and improving your incident alerting.

In seconds, create a form where contacts and users can self-register and apply to have their details added to the system. Which is then approved or denied by an admin or moderator.

  • Take the hassle out of user registration - no chasing HR for staff details, or complicated data imports. Simply create a form in seconds, share the link and have users self-register for access to the platform.
  • Effortlessly build & alert supply chain and customer contacts - create a form for key supply chain and customer contacts to self-register their details and receive emergency alerts when incidents occur.
  • Complete control over new registrations - admins, or set users, have the power to accept or reject sign-ups with a simple click. Ensuring only verified users are added to the platform and contacts to the communication groups.
  • Customise your data collection - choose the different types of information you want to collect from users and contacts. Customise the names of data collection fields and control whether the fields are required or even visible.
  • Quickly create communication groups - create forms or fields that add new contacts and users to set communication groups. Or assign them in the back end with a few quick clicks.
  • Easily set user permissions and access - intuitive admin functionality lets you set permissions with ease. Controlling what users see and do within the platform. Whether that's seeing a certain document, or using a specific communication tool.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance - the form setup includes the steps necessary to ensure your data collection is GDPR compliant.

API - Platform Automation Made Simple

The Sentinel API lets you connect with third-party software to automate platform processes for ease-of-use while expanding platform capabilities.

  • Always up-to-date information - connect to your internal staff and contact database for data synchronization with your single source of truth. Automating the magagement of user data in Sentinel
  • Accelerate incident alerting - use triggers from third-party APIs to instantly send pre-prepared alerts to contact groups.
  • Extend the capabilities of Sentinel - connect to IOT sensing devices (fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc.) and create triggers that send mass alerts or create Chat Channels directly through Sentinel.
  • Automate platform management - use the API to automate the management of users, contacts, groups, broadcasts, and documents.