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Collaborate using Chat Channels in an incident

As easy to use as WhatsApp but secure and controlled by you.

Sentinel uses instant chat not as an add-on to mass notification but as an essential module that can resolve incidents quickly and effectively.





The Chat Channels instant messaging module is dedicated to crisis management and is managed by your crisis team.


The crisis management team has visibility of all group channels and messages occurring in real-time and can join any channel.


All settings and permissions are in your control and do not require support from other departments in the organisation, like IT and Corporate Communications.


Your Chat Channels deployment is ring-fenced on its own AWS cloud server with an audit log available to administrators for monitoring, analysis and training purposes.


Unlike social media apps, all Chat Channels data is held on encrypted servers dedicated to your organisation. It can be used securely on the desktop, phones and tablets. Contacts are secure and not shared outside the app. 


A premium own-branded version of the app is available to build trust for staff using Chat Channels. This also minimises the risk of data leakage, preventing personal and business conversations from being mixed in the same app.


Admin Oversight & Log

Crisis teams can keep track of communications and manage permissions

Own-Branded App
A premium version with customised branding to build trust
Biometric Lock on Apps
Control access to sensitive data on mobile devices with biometric restrictions
Encryption of Messages
Prevent sensitive data being compromised with AES 256 encryption at rest
Encryption of Content

All uploaded files, imagery and media are encrypted to protect sensitive data

Push Notifications
Alert staff to incidents with app push notifications direct to their mobile device
SMS & Email Alerting
Maximise the reach of incident comms by adding in SMS & email alerts
Easy Channel Setup
Create new chat channels and communication groups in a few quick clicks

Getting Started

Dedicated 24/7 support is available

Sentinel Chat Channels provides dedicated online & telephone support options, scaling up to 24/7 support. Access the support services you need anytime, anywhere for complete peace of mind.

Personalised onboarding & training

Sentinel Chat Channels is a cloud based SaaS platform. Meaning there's nothing to install. With personalised onboarding and training, your Sentinel Chat Channels will be up and running in 24 hours.

Resources & materials to keep you prepared

Gain access to our combined knowledge and expertise through carefully curated crisis communications resources. Helping prepare you for disruptive events with Chat Channels.

Awards & Accreditations


Connect with the Sentinel team or book a demo to find out more