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Counter terrorism security advice
for places of worship

Alaris is a free app that gives advice on how to prepare for and respond to threats from terrorism and crime. Alaris is for any place of worship, from any faith, and gives expert advice on all aspects of security: from mail handling to evacuations.

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In March 2019, 51 people lost their lives in the Christchurch mosque attacks. A month later, 259 people were killed in the Sri Lanka Easter bombings. These tragic events highlighted the need for places of worship, no matter what faith or denomination, to be empowered to protect their worshippers.

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YUDU worked with counter terror expert and former Head of the National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Chris Phillips GCGI, FCiiSCM, FSyl, to develop an app that can help. Chris Phillips is the Managing Director of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office, was involved in the publishing the Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice for Places of Worship from NaCTSO and provides training to the military, police and well-known brands such as Marks & Spencers and Honda.

Chris Phillips’ advice has been placed into Alaris, a simple to use and free to download app, so that you can simply tap on the different categories to see his advice. Alaris is perfect for anyone in charge of a church, mosque, synagogue, temple or any other place of worship, and your community can download it too.

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