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The Protect Duty App - Action Cards and Training

Give security staff instant access to knowledge for real-time response to serious security and terrorist threats.

The Protect Duty app is a free library of action cards for countering terrorist threats on your venue. Each action card contains practical information your venue and security staff need to safely resolve a terrorist attack.

Prepare staff to counter terrorist threats

As an operator of a publicly accessible place, Protect Duty legislation requires you to formally assess and mitigate terrorism risks.

The Protect Duty App provides your venue and security staff free access to counter-terrorism advice and training.

Our action cards provide recommended activities to be implemented in real-time to counter emerging terrorist threats. The app doubles up as a training reminder for best practice, with a built-in Q&A to test knowledge.

Available on iOS and Android, staff have instant access to this invaluable resource, always in their pocket.

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The Protect Duty Training Card App

Action Card & Training Question Topics

Training Card Icon - Marauding terrorist attack

Marauding terrorist attack

Training Card Icon - Suspicious mail

Suspicious mail

Training Card Icon - Moving people to saftey

Moving people to safety

Training Card Icon - Confronted with a firearm

Confronted with a firearm

Training Card Icon - Searching a person

Searching a person

Training Card Icon - Crowd control

Crowd control

Training Card Icon - Suspicious behaviour

Suspicious behaviour

Training Card Icon - Telephone bomb threat

Telephone bomb

Training Card Icon - Good housekeeping

Good housekeeping

Training Card Icon - Knife and gunshot wounds

Knife and gunshot wounds

Training Card Icon - Entrance Incident

Entrance incident

Training Card Icon - Physical security

Physical security

Training Card Icon - Acid attacks

Acid attacks

Training Card Icon - Dynamic lockdown

Dynamic lockdown

Training Card Icon - Counter terrorism preparation

Counter terrorism preparation

Training Card Icon - Suspicious bags or packages

Suspicious bags or packages

Training Card Icon - Venue Evacuation

Venue evacuation


App Benefits - Instant Anytime Access

Instant Anytime

Available on mobile, security staff will have instant access to counter terrorist response actions.

App Benefits - Faster Response Times

Faster Response

Action cards focus on critical information only. Speed your response to terrorist threats.

App Benefits - Trusted Guidance


Action cards authored by the former Head of the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

App Benefits - Protect Duty Compliant

Protect Duty

This app and its training assets are designed to help you meet The Protect Duty legislation.

App Benefits - Real world application

Real World

The Protect Duty action cards are developed for real world application in a terrorist incident.

App Benefits - Training Reminder


The built-in Q&A system acts as training reminder for security staff to reinforce learning.

Author of Protect Duty Terrorism Response Resources

Chris Phillips - Counter Terrorism Expert


Chris is the Founder and Managing Director of the International Protect and Prepare Security Office (IPPSO). He specialises in strategic counter terrorism advice best practice.

A recognised expert and thought leader, Chris spent seven years as Head of the UK's National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO).

Here he was responsible for training, accrediting, tasking and co-ordinating over 250 Counter Terrorism Advisers across the United Kingdom.

Chris Phillps - Protect Duty Training Cards Author

Protect venue guests in the event of an terrorist incident with
Sentinel Visitor Alerting

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