Coming Soon: Sentinel Spaces, a powerful new approach to major incident response

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Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial period on the Sentinel platform. Instead, we offer a free demonstration of the platform, personalised to the unique needs of your business.

When you book a demo, we’ll organise a quick call ahead of schedule. Our expert consultants will take the time to listen to the challenges your organisation is facing. Along with a few exploratory questions of our own, we’ll build a complete picture of your crisis management software needs.

From here, we'll select the crisis management tools on the Sentinel platform best suited to your requirements. We'll then model a series of demonstration scenarios to accurately recreate the challenges your business is facing.

During the demo, we’ll demonstrate how the Sentinel platform simplifies handling crisis management situations. Showing exactly how each individual tool can resolve the unique challenges your organisation will face. So you can resolve crisis situations faster while minimising disruption to working operations throughout the incident. Ensuring you prevent the reputational damage that can result from a poorly handled critical event.

To ensure we don’t miss anything, we’ll also give you a quick tour of the full suite of Sentinel tools. Which can be used for crisis communication, emergency notification, business continuity, and operational resilience.

You can book your personalised demo by filling out the form on our website or emailing us on


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