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Building Safety Communications

For Tenant Communications, running fire drills, Managing Emergencies and H&S Compliance

Sentinel Building Safety Communications is a core tool for Building and Facilities Managers in managing incidents in medium and large multi-tenanted or mixed-use buildings.

Smaller teams can now manage complex buildings more efficiently and coordinate better with security teams and tenants.




Sentinel's platform helps Buildings and Facilities Management teams deliver tenant communications, improve building evacuations, host and distribute critical documents. Helping keep tenants safe while meeting legislation requirements including the Building Safety Act and future Terrorism (Protection of Premises) Bill (Martyn's Law).

Sentinel can be deployed for hundreds of different uses cases, here are some of the core ones:

Connect FM and Security Teams to improve incident response

Secure chat, video, and image-sharing tools help security teams to work in lock-step with FMs. These tools are simple-to-use and require little training.

In an incident, staff levels are often inadequate, Sentinel closes the gap by making communication immediate and simple. Security teams can share video and images with facilities managers to help assess the situation.

Communicate via private channels with tenants, FM & Security

Secure Chat lets tenants, FM and security teams communicate without contact details being shared.

Channels can be set up per tenant to help with reoccupation instructions of the building if dispersal evacuation is used. Localised Incidents can be discussed with only the tenants involved.

Facilitate fast & effective building evacuations during an emergency

Efficiently manage building evacuations with fire marshal communications confirming the floors are clear and the ability to check people have left the building.

Sentinel Building Safety Communications is designed to manage both assembly point and dispersal evacuations.

Easily host & share critical building documents for incident repsonse

All critical building documents can be uploaded with a click to be found and retrieved in seconds. In an emergency, this can be life-saving.

Tenants can access evacuation routes, and emergency services view building plans better tackle an incident.

Meet H&S standards to protect contractors & maintenance workers

Arriving contractors scan a QR code, in seconds FM/security staff can then message them in an incident with instructions. Visitor contacts are reset each day.

Following evacuations, FM staff can message the contractors when to return.

Minimise Tenant admin with our Import Wizard & Self-Registration systems

Tenants can decide who should be the contacts and self-register to receive set building communications.

Saving time and cost for facilities managers who would otherwise have to manually setup and manage these groups.

Building Safety Communication Tools

The Sentinel platform is a collection of powerful and simple-to-use building communication, collaboration and document sharing tools. You can deploy a single module, or combine them, to create a fully customised communication and emergency response solution.

This flexibility offers a setup that can be designed to meet the needs and budget of your business. Discover the range of available tools.


Mass Alerting and 2-Way Comms

Send targeted communications to tenants and the public using branded SMS, email and in-app channels in under 60 seconds.




File & Document Sharing

Host and share critical documents with key teams and tenants, or even attach files to broadcasts. Mobile accessible, available anytime, anywhere.




Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Connect FM and security teams in a conference call. Invitation-only, with no PINs or dial-in numbers for instant connection.





Visiting Contractors can sign up for building alerts via QR code. In an incident, they can be advised and managed in line with H&S responsibilities of the FM team. Quick, easy and low-cost, Alertline can be supplied as an independent module.





Create an automated text-to-voice phone line to provide vital information updates to large audiences quickly. With an option to receive inbound voicemails. It can be supplied as an independent module.




Chat Channels - Instant Messaging

Create secure instant chat groups where FM and security teams can collaborate and make key decisions. Or tenants can report issues or ask questions. It can be supplied as an independent module.




Own-Branded Mobile Application

Launch your app on iOS & Google app stores. Build a space for tenants and governing bodies to access critical files, Golden Thread Documentation and receive trusted push notifications.



Authorised HM Government Supplier


Sentinel has surpassed all the requirements and is an authorised G-Cloud 13 Supplier for HM Government


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