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The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting System

Protect visitors to your venue in the event of a major incident or terrorist attack with our text message mass alerting software. A fast, simple and affordable solution to meet the required mitigation measures for The Protect Duty legislation.

Become operational in less than 24 hrs.

How it works

The Sentinel Protect Duty Visitor Alerting system is the best way to alert visitors to a threat at a public venue. Terrorist incidents require more nuanced messaging, evacuation using only a fire alarm would put visitors in greater danger.

A secure venue console enables SMS instructions to be sent to all visitors in seconds.


Visitor Registration

Attendees register their mobile number on arrival via QR code, or texting a number displayed on a poster or banner at the entrance or security-check area. It takes only a few seconds.


Trigger a Visitor Alert

In the event of a terrorist incident, the appointed person triggers a mass SMS to all registered visitors in seconds. Send lockdown, invacuation, evacuation or just vigilance messages.


Sound the All Clear

Once the incident is resolved, visitors receive a follow-up message. Controlled return of visitors is a key safety consideration, this ability supports dispersal evacuation.


Auto-Erase Records

Only mobile phone numbers are stored on the system and these can be set by the venue to auto-erase hours or days after the visit. No other personal details are captured or retained.

Suitable Venues and Publically Accessible Locations

Under The Protect Duty Legislation, you are required to implement mitigations to protect people from terrorist attacks when operating a publicly accessible place, venue, organisation, or business. Only small-capacity venues are exempt.

The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting system is recommended for deployment in the following:

Art Galleries & Exhibitions
Conference Events
Hospitals & Medical Centres
Sports Stadiums & Events
Music & Concert Halls
Places of Worship
Zoos & Theme Parks
Multi-tenant Office Buildings
Pubs, Clubs & Bars

The ability to immediately communicate with visitors can help save lives. Every second of delay creates panic and causes wrong choices being made.

Select venues can alert all visitors with a public address system. But many can't support this across the whole venue. While security teams can be informed by mobile radios, they are limited in their ability to instruct a crowd.

SMS is a great medium for providing the source of truth in a confusing incident that may require evacuation in a particular direction, lockdown or invacuation to a safe location.


Platform Features


Simple Visitor Registration Process

It's quick and simple for staff & visitors to register for venue alerts using a QR code to trigger a registration text, or by calling a set number.


Mass SMS Alerting Capabilities

Sentinel's mass alerting software lets you successfully send and deliver text messages to 100,000s of mobile phone recipients in under 60 seconds.


Create Text Message Alert Templates

Accelerate your emergency alerting response times with pre-configured text message templates that can be triggered in just a few quick clicks.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Your system is protected by enforced two-factor authentication (2FA) to prevent unauthorised access from cyber criminals and bad actors.


Simple-to-use Data Management Controls

Straightforward controls make it easy to set how long a venue attendee's mobile number is kept before being automatically deleted.


Always Accessible From Any Device

You can trigger alerts from any location via a desktop, smartphone or tablet device using web browser or app-based platform access.


Resilient Deployment for High Availability

The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting System is cloud-based and independent of your internal systems. Providing a high availiability & disaster resilient setup.


GDPR Compliant Data Management

We follow strict GDPR compliance protocols for storing and erasing data submitted to The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting System for peace of mind.


ISO 27001 : 2013 Certification Status

Sentinel is ISO 27001 : 2013 certified. We meet strict standards to establish, implement, maintain and improve information security of our platform.

Use Cases

The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting System is incredibly versatile and can be deployed effectively in the following use case scenarios.

Primary Alerting System

The Protect Duty Visitor Alerting system is a powerful platform, suitable for deployment as your primary communication system.

Sentinel's mass text alerting solution can be deployed within 24-hours. Offering a low-friction registration process for visitors and requires minimal training for staff to master the platform.

Multichannel Communications

Sentinel mass SMS messages can be sent to provide an additional communication channel and improve alert visibility.

Text-messaging is a fast, effective and affordable communication channel that provides high delivery and open rates. Increasing the chances of staff and visitors receiving vital terror alert information.

Back-Up Communication System

Sentinel can be deployed as a backup communication system in the event your primary system is compromised.

Hosted on a mobile-accessible, independent cloud platform, Sentinel offers access in the event of a major outage or attack that could render your primary alerting system unavailable.

Communication Outside Your Venue

Sentinel text alerts are an ideal solution for communicating with visitors and staff outside your venue.

Following an evacuation, text message alerts will reach visitors and staff wherever they are. Providing further information updates on the situation, or to sound the all clear.

Multi-room or Large-scale Venues

Large area and multi-room event venues make emergency communication difficult, with staff & visitors spread far and wide.

Sentinel overcomes the issue of location, text message alerts will simultaneously reach staff and visitor smartphone devices wherever they are within the venue.

Trusted By

Victoria BID uses Sentinel for emergency mass alerting for crisis management response.


Travers Smith is an international law firm using Sentinel for crisis communications and management.


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