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Accelerate Emergency Response

Mass Notification System

Activate our ultra-efficient mass notification system, ensuring that Staff, Supply Chain, Customers, and Stakeholders are all promptly informed within minutes. 

Experience real-time responses to polling questions and leverage the versatility of multichannel communication by sending messages through 7 diverse channels, guaranteeing message delivery.

Activate our powerful incident management tools to swiftly regain control during critical situations.


Manage Critical Events with Ease

Explore the benefits of the Sentinel Mass Notification System by clicking on each tab.

Stay Connected with Supply Chains and Customers

Mass notification is not just for internal staff. Sentinel lets you capture contact details for external bodies and message them.

All organisations suffer in a crisis, only the best maintain control of the message.


Send Alerts to Cut through Privacy Settings on Mobile Phones

Sentinel uses numbers exclusively dedicated to you, and not allocated from a central bank at random.

Crisis teams and contacts can whitelist your number and Branded App to ensure alerts are heard, even when on silent.


Focus Your Response Efforts with Two-Way Polling

Ask polling questions like 'Are you safe?' and see responses appear in real-time to gain situational awareness.

Focus resource on those needing attention, see who can assist and create communication subgroups.


Include a Link in SMS to Any Response Plan or Action Card

Use Mass Notification to deliver action cards or crisis response plans via SMS, email or inApp using a secure expiring link.

People forget their training so this reminds them. 


Manage Incidents from Anywhere with a Mobile Device

Staff with assigned roles can trigger mass alerts from any mobile device through their branded enterprise app or a web browser.

Incidents do not always occur when you are in the office. 


Unlock Insight to Improve Your Crisis Response Plans

Sentinel lets you track every action, decision, outcome, response times and create detailed reports for post incident analysis.

Helping you improve critical event response plans.

Mass Notification System Features

icon-multichannel-communications Multichannel Communication

Send mass notifications via SMS, email, app, programmable voice. Add more channels via our API.

pre-prepared-broadcasts Broadcast Groups for Scalable Communication

Create broadcast groups and send alerts to 10 or 10,000 individuals in a few quick clicks.

feature-text-message-templates Message Templates for Faster Alerting

Craft pre-prepared message templates so you can accelerate your mass alerting process.

feature-data-management-controlsSimple Automated Data Syncing

Integrate Sentinel with internal systems and ensure always up-to-date contact information.

self-registrationSelf-Registration for Easy Data Collection

Create a self-registration form in seconds to effortlessly capture supply chain & customer contacts.

feature-complianceEnterprise-Level Security & Data Protection

Protect your data with world class security protocols and encryption on our GDPR compliant platform.

Incident Management Bolt-On Modules

Mass notification is just the start and these additional  Sentinel Modules help you to quickly resolve the incident

Chat Channels - Instant Messaging

Instantly connect teams in secure group chats to collaborate, share documents and make key decisions. All recorded and auditable.


Hotline - Incident Information Lines

Create an automated text-to-voice driven phone line in under 60 seconds to deliver incident information updates to large audiences quickly.


Instant Bridge Calls

Secure Instant Bridge calls can be set up in seconds and dials out automatically to groups and response teams. No need for conference number or PINs and encrypted records stored. 


Visitor and Contractor Alerting

QR code capture of mobile numbers on tickets or at the entrance of premises take seconds and are added to a current list that is purged and reset at a fixed time or date. Send mass SMS messages and instructions in a crisis in seconds with one click. 

Buro Happold use Sentinel to deliver crisis updates across 24 locations to 1900 employees.

Victoria BID deploys Sentinel in emergency situations for mass notifications & crisis management.

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