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Sentinel PiNG

Secure Messaging App for Incident Response

Your incident teams own collaboration and alerting tool for communication when systems fail.

A key weapon in responding to cyber attacks and ransomware, the application provides a secure and compliant user-friendly chat-style interface for access by staff, contractors, and trusted third-party personnel using any connected desktop, mobile or tablet device.

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Sentinel Ping on Mobile


Sentinel PiNG - Branded to your organisation

Branded to Your Organisation

The Sentinel PiNG's secure messaging app is tailored and branded to match the identity of your organisation, creating trust and ownership.

Sentinel PiNG - Collaborative user features

Collaborative User Features

Users can create channels, add or remove participants, share files, alert members and collaborate through chat. Multiple teams can tackle the incident at speed and minimise the impact.

Sentinel PiNG - Real-time monitoring & auditing

Real-time Monitoring & Auditing

Administrators have oversight of all conversations in real-time, reducing the need for constant briefings. Oversight of open and closed channels ensures compliance with audit and organisational policies.

Sentinel PiNG - Multi-platform access


Teams can access their channels via web browsers or via the iOS and Android branded apps. This flexibility ensures seamless communication during the incident.

Sentinel PiNG - Out-of-band communication

Out-of-band Communication

Backup comms for system failures are universally desirable, but often ruled out on cost. Sentinel Ping offers a low-cost secure chat app with the security features & core comms tools needed to manage an incident.

Sentinel PiNG - Advanced access controls

Advanced Access

Biometric authentication is required to access Sentinel PiNG on mobile devices, providing a secure chat app that requires minimal effort from the end user.

Sentinel PiNG - Malware scanning of uploaded files

Malware Scanning of Uploaded Files

Uploaded files, images or videos are immediately scanned. Infected files are quarantined and cannot infect the organisation’s network averting a serious and growing risk from apps.

Sentinel PiNG - Secure cloud server for each client

A Secure Cloud Server for Each Client

Sentinel PiNG chat data and shared files are stored on a server exclusively dedicated to you, minimising the risk of collateral damage from a cyber attack and ensuring the highest level of privacy.

Sentinel PiNG - Single sign-on (SSO)

Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On provides both security and ease of use, allowing seamless integration between the Sentinel PiNG app and other Sentinel applications.

Sentinel PiNG - Encryption End-to-End and at Rest

Encryption End-to-End and at Rest

Sentinel PiNG is an encrypted messaging app, all data, metadata and files are retained and encrypted both at Rest and in Transit. Information is protected from unauthorised access by added layers of security.

Sentinel PiNG - SMS and email alerts

SMS and Email

Sentinel PiNG's secure chat app integrates with Sentinel SMS and email systems, allowing you to send mass alerts to channel members. Ensuring rapid communication during critical events.

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Explore the cost-effective monthly pricing packages for Sentinel PiNG's secure messaging application



  • Up to 100 users
  • 50 user minimum
  • Includes 250 SMS alerts
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  • Up to 250 users
  • Includes 500 SMS alerts

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  • Up to 500 users
  • Includes 750 SMS alerts

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  • 500+ users
  • Personal account manager
  • Includes 1000 SMS alerts
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Packages are billed annually in advance, with top-up bundles of 500 SMS alerts available at £50 each.

*Note pricing applies to UK. Other countries available upon application.

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Travers Smith use Sentinel

Internaional law firm Travers Smith deploy the Sentinel platform as a crisis management solution.

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Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline

Buro Happold use Sentinel Hotline to deliver crisis updates across 24 locations to 1900 employees.

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Victoria BID use Sentinel

Victoria BID deploy the Sentinel platform in emergency situations for mass alerting & crisis management.

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Ross on Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline

Ross-On-Wye Council use Sentinel Hotline to connect vulnerable & isolated residents in need of assistance.

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