Fire Drill Management Software

Accelerate the evacuation and reoccupation of multi-tenanted buildings with Sentinel's with simple-to-use communication tools. Helping minimise the cost of downtime and improve safety.

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Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Reduce Evacuation Time

Reduce the time of fire drill exercises

Communicate faster and more clearly with tenants through pre-prepared broadcasts, mass alerting and 2-way communication to speed up the evacuation and reoccupation of multi-tenanted buildings.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Increase Tenant Satisfaction

Increase tenant satisfaction

Faster fire drills reduce the time staff spend away from their desks to minimise the cost of downtime. Avoiding assembly points, staff can wait out evacuations in cafes away from bad weather.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Enhance Tenant Safety

Enhance the safety of tenants

Sentinel tools let you run evacuations without using assembly points vulnerable to terrorist attacks. You can also phase re-occupation of tall buildings floor by floor to avoid crowding and confusion.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Improve Communication

Improve overall communication

Sentinel evacuation management tools improve your communication with tenants and security staff. 2-way communication provides a fast and effective route for feedback during and after drills.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Save Lives

Save lives in a real fire evacuation

The same tools that accelerate your exercise drills will help you to save lives in the event of a real fire. Facilitating quick clear communication to ensure tenants are evacuated faster.


Fire Drill Evacuation Software - SMS and email alerts

SMS & Email Mass Alerting

Sentinel building evacuation tools allow rapid communication with tenant contacts responsible for fire drills via SMS and Email mass alerting. This maximises the reach of fire drill communications.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Two-Way Communication


Track building evacuation progress in Sentinel with two-way communication. Send notifications with quick response options, so Tenants can confirm successful evacuation, or seek emergency support.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Pre-Prepared Broadcasts


Accelerate your fire drill evacuation and reoccupation broadcasts with pre-prepared message templates and distribution groups. These can be triggered in under 60 seconds in the event of a fire drill.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - CSV Import Wizard

CSV Import Wizard for Contacts

Minimise the time and effort taken to create contacts and distribution groups with our CSV Import Wizard. Simply upload a list of users, contacts and details to populate the system in seconds.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Contact Management

User & Contact Management

Intuitive admin functionality lets you manage users and contacts with ease. In a few simple clicks, create distribution groups, control platform access and set user permissions.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Self-Registration


Take the hassle out of registration. No chasing tenants for contact info, or tricky data imports. Simply create a form in seconds, share the link and tenants can self-register for fire drill alerts.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Any Device Access

Access on Any Device

Sentinel building evacuation software is accessible from any internet-connected smartphone, tablet, or desktop device. Giving you the power to manage fire drill evacuations and building reoccupation anywhere, anytime.

Fire Drill Evacuation Software - Evacuation Modes

Multiple Evacuation Modes

Sentinel tools are fully configurable and can be deployed to suit your chosen fire evacuation strategy - fireburst, dispersal, or assembly point.

Discover how Sentinel fire drill evacuation software reduces the time it takes to evacuate multi-tenanted buildings

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Discover how Sentinel can reduce the cost of fire drill evacuations and save lives in the event of a real fire.

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