Remote Crisis Simulation Training

Improve your crisis response and resolution capability with our interactive crisis management training simulations. Build your teams decision-making, communication and team-working skills in crisis and everyday working situations.

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Why Use YUDU Sentinel Remote Crisis Simulations

Our interactive crisis simulations replicate real-world incidents designed to test and improve your crisis response skills in a safe environment.

Experience an evolving crisis situation in real-time, challenging your decision-making, communication and team-working capabilities under pressure. Reflective of the 'new normal' with teams split between office and remote home-working setups.

Sentinel crisis simulations are ideal for putting your crisis response team through its paces, or as a team-building exercise for the wider business.

Remote delivery lets participants join from anywhere in the world.

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Remote Crisis Simulation Training

Choose Your Crisis Simulation Scenario

Cyber-Attack Simulation

Cyber-Attack Simulation

Experience a simulated cyber-attack compromising your internal systems and communications

Terror Attack Simulation

Terror Attack Simulation

React to a simulated terror attack loated close to your offices based in a capital city centre

Custom Crisis Simulation

Custom Crisis Simulation

Create a customised crisis simulation designed to replicate interactions relevant to your business

Benefits of Sentinel Crisis Simulations

  • Practice your team's decision-making skills in a crisis situation, improving your ability to respond to incidents and resolve them faster.
  • Respond to crisis situations and make mistakes in a safe environment. This learning will prevent mistakes occurring in a real-world situation where consequences can be severe.
  • Stress-test crisis response readiness company-wide and improve the wider team's understanding of why the crisis team do what they do.
  • Experience a crisis reflecting the new normal, with your workforce split across offices and a primarily remote home-working setup.
  • Participants can attend from anywhere thanks to our webinar delivery model.
  • Crisis simulations promote team building, improve cohesiveness, communication and the ability to work together in high-pressure situations.
  • Access cutting edge insight and experience from our panel of industry-leading crisis management experts.
  • Identify issues and gaps in your existing crisis response plans to improve your crisis management processes.
  • A post-exercise report provides deep learning to direct and improve future crisis management training and planning.

Features of Sentinel Crisis Simulations

  • Sentinel simulations are designed to replicate real-world crisis situations
  • Polls and situation updates continually engage your team and promote discussion.
  • All participants can post comments and ask questions to shape the simulation.
  • All participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance.
  • A post-simulation report will be provided for further insight.
  • Crisis simulations run for 90 minutes.
  • Include as many of your staff on the exercise as you wish.
  • Choose a flexible time and date for the simulation that suits you.
  • A member of your team can be included on our panel of crisis management experts.
  • Customised crisis simulations are subject to a quotation based on your requirement needs.

How Sentinel Simulations Work

Delivery Setup

Crisis Simulation Scenario

Simulations run using webinar technology. They begin with a start state and progress with updates as the scenario plays out.

Question Polls

Crisis Simulation Question Polls

At selected intervals during the crisis simulation, polls are deployed to test the audiences response and spark debate.

Discussion & Debate

Crisis Simulation Discussions and Debates

Our expert panel and your staff work together to refine your ideas and plan a route to resolve the crisis at hand.

Sentinel Simulations Delivery Team

Sentinel Simulations are delivered by a team of two. Hosted by Jim Preen who is then joined by another Crisis Management industry expert. If you want to modify your panel of experts, you can enquire about a customised crisis simulation

Custom Crisis Simulation

Jim Preen

Jim is the host of Sentinel simulations. He is Crisis Management Director at YUDU Sentinel with 20 years experience working in the industry. In another life, he was a journalist with ABC News (US) where he covered stories including the Gulf War, Bosnian conflict and the Concorde crash.

Custom Crisis Simulation

Richard Stephenson

Richard is the CEO of crisis management software provider YUDU Sentinel. Richard has run public listed companies, mid- market private equity investments and tech start-ups. His professional skills include digital strategy, crisis management, risk and digital document publishing.

Custom Crisis Simulation

Chris Phillips

A former senior police officer, Chris helmed the National Counter Terrorism Security Office. He has been providing consultancy services to a number of blue-chip companies over the last nine years. Chris is the go-to security commentator for BBC journalists.

Custom Crisis Simulation

Milena Maneva

Milena is a business continuity management lead at a global financial services firm, covering business continuity and incident management for more than 40 offices and 6000 staff. Raised in close proximity to a nuclear power plant, Milena became aware of the value of monthly drills as a child.

To find out more about Sentinel Simulations, call the consultancy team or discover the pricing options.

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