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Terror-Attack Simulation Exercise

In the wake of the Vienna incident, we take a fresh look at how to handle terror attacks in a largely remote-working world.

Hosted by: Jim Preen - Crisis Management Director at YUDU Sentinel
Expert guest(s): Chris Phillips - Managing Director at IPPSO, Richard Stephenson - CEO of YUDU Sentinel

Date: 26 November, 2020

Webinar Overview

At YUDU Sentinel, we are delighted to have hosted another webinar in conjunction with the Business Continuity Institute. The BCI has over 8,000 members in more than 100 countries and is the world’s leading resilience organisation.

With so much of our bandwidth taken up by the pandemic, the terror threat may seem to have receded, but as we’ve seen in Vienna it hasn’t gone away. So, how do you handle a terror attack when so many people are working remotely?

A fictional oil & gas multinational is under attack and you’re part of the crisis management team. As the story unfolds it will be up to you to make the right decisions to navigate your way through the emergency.

Jim Preen, crisis management director at YUDU Sentinel, hosted the event and was be joined by Richard Stephenson, CEO at YUDU, and former senior police officer Chris Phillips.

Jim leverages his guests’ expertise but also wants to hear from the participants making the event as interactive as possible.

Host profiles


Jim Preen

YUDU Sentinel

Crisis Management Director

Jim Preen is Crisis Management Director at YUDU Sentinel. He designs and delivers crisis simulations for clients using the Sentinel platform. Along with providing expert guidance on all aspects of crisis communications.

Formerly, he was a journalist working at ABC News (US), covering stories including the Gulf War, the Bosnian conflict and the Concorde crash. He won two Emmys for his work.


Richard Stephenson

YUDU Sentinel


Richard is the CEO of crisis management software provider YUDU Sentinel. Richard has run public listed companies, mid-market private equity investments and tech start-ups.

His professional skills include digital strategy, crisis management, risk and digital document publishing.


Chris Phillips

IPPSO Limited

Managing Director

A former senior police officer, Chris helmed the National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

He has been providing consultancy services to a number of blue-chip companies over the last nine years. Chris is the go-to security commentator for BBC journalists.