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A Simple-To-Use Emergency Communication Platform For Public Sector Organisations

Sentinel delivers independent communication tools and processes that continue running during disruptions and emergencies.

When systems fail or become compromised, like in a cyber attack, Sentinel's independent platform delivers communication tools and critical documents to support crisis response teams and key stakeholders.

The Sentinel suite of simple-to-use app, cloud, and telephony tools are trusted by the NHS, Councils and financial regulators to be ready to go in any crisis.



Use Case Scenarios

Sentinel's platform helps public sector organisations improve and accelerate their emergency response. Reducing financial cost and personal risk during a major incident.

Sentinel can be deployed for hundreds of different use cases, here are some of the core ones:


Keep communicating in a cyber attack

Sentinel's independent platform ensures you continue to communicate and operate following a major cyber attack on your critical systems.


Keep people safe and informed

Easily send mass alerts and create telephone hotlines in an emergency to ensure staff and the public are made safe and kept informed throughout.


Connect teams to accelerate response

Chat Channels and teleconferencing modules let response teams connect, collaborate and make decisions - accelerating crisis response and resolution.


Host and share critical documents with ease

Create a secure digital lockbox for all your critical documents. Attach them to any broadcast or access offline in the app to improve information sharing.


Build trust with branded messaging

Create an app where your staff and the public can receive trusted communications. Alongside an offline document and action card library.


Ensure the security of sensitive data

Sentinel is a secure ring-fenced platform for your organisation. All data and files are encrypted at rest. With robust access management to control who can do what.

Emergency Communication Tools

The Sentinel platform is a collection of powerful and simple-to-use communication, collaboration and document-sharing tools. You can deploy a single module, or combine them, to create a fully customised emergency response solution.

This flexibility offers a system that can be designed to meet the needs and budget of your public sector business. Discover the range of available tools.


Mass Alertin and 2-Way Comms

Send targeted communications to staff and the public using branded SMS, email and in-app channels in under 60 seconds.


File & Document

Host and share critical documents with key teams, or even attach files to broadcasts. Mobile accessible, available anytime, anywhere.



Create an automated text-to-voice driven phone line providing vital updates to large audiences quickly. Add an option to collect voicemails.


Chat Channels - Instant Messaging

Create secure instant chat groups where crisis response and security teams can connect, communicate and make key decisions.


Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Connect crisis response & security teams in a conference call. Invitation-only, with no PINs or dial in numbers for instant connection.


Own-Branded Mobile Application

Launch your app on iOS & Google app stores. Build a space for employees & the public to access critical files and receive trusted push notifications.

Authorised HM Government Supplier

Sentinel has surpassed all the requirements and is an authorised G-Cloud 13 Supplier for HM Government



Trusted By


“Sentinel has really kick-started our Good Neighbour Scheme and enabled us to be a great help to the elderly and isolated in our community who do not have internet access.”

Councillor Jane Roberts
Ross-on-Wye Community Development Trust


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