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Communication Tools
For Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Broadcasting Platform

Sentinel's broadcasting tool makes communicating with businesses and members simple, scalable and fast. You can send clear branded messages that reach your audience, whether it's an everyday communication or an emergency.

Use broadcasting to share vital information on BID-sponsored events, newsletters, low-level crime, traffic disruptions and much more.

  • Send your communications faster - combine message templates and distribution groups to create pre-configured communications. Making it quick and easy to send clear, targeted messaging to BID members.

  • Easily scale your communications - distribution groups mean messaging 5 or 5000 members is the difference of just a few clicks.

  • Increase visibility of broadcasts - maximise the reach of your communications with multichannel messaging - email, SMS, mobile app notifications, live chat. With options allowing members to receive communications through their preferred channel.

  • Collect feedback or status updates - two-way communication lets you send messages with quick response options. This can be used for anything from confirming event attendance to the safety of members following a local emergency - flood, fire, rioting.

  • Communicate with members anytime, anywhere - web browser and mobile app access allow you to create and send messages from your smartphone or tablet. Giving you the power to connect with members while on the move.

  • Connect with RSS and API data feeds - plug into trusted data feeds from the council, met office and local police to re-distribute helpful information to members. Share local weather alerts, planned roadworks, traffic disruptions, incidents of crime and more.

Document Sharing

Use Sentinel to securely store and share files and digital documents with members - business plans, project timelines, emergency response plans.

Built-in functionality ensures your critical files can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without the need for internet connectivity.

  • Share your files with ease - use broadcasting and chat channels to share key files with all members or select groups in a few quick clicks.

  • Deliver key documents to the right person at the right time - member distribution groups ensure you share the right files with select individuals.

  • Ensure critical files are available anytime, anywhere - Sentinel supports mobile app and web browser access. Allowing your BID team and levy-paying members to view key files and documents from any location on desktop, tablet or smartphone devices.

  • Only provide the latest documents - changes to digital documents are automatically downloaded to devices. Ensuring only up-to-date information is available. You can also create time-sensitive files with expiration dates, made inaccessible after a set period to prevent misinformation.

  • Secure sensitive files - identity access controls and 256-bit encryption protect your sensitive information from being accessed by the wrong people.

Branded Mobile Application

A branded mobile app for your BID offers a community hub for your valued members.

Create a space where BID members can connect, access key resources and receive trusted communications. With gated access to deliver exclusivity and security.

  • Create a community hub - your branded mobile app delivers a space for members to view all things BID-related.

  • Send branded communications that build trust - push notifications delivered through your app arrive with your branding. So, members know it's a communication they can trust.

  • Access a new communication channel - a mobile app lets you send targeted messaging to members through mobile app push notifications.

  • Deliver key files available offline and always up-to-date - an app lets you extend the functionality of Sentinel file sharing. Documents can be downloaded for anytime access, with push functionality to ensure local device documents show only the latest version.

  • Share a directory of key contacts - the app supports a contacts directory for members who wish to opt in and share their contact information.

  • Available on any device - your branded mobile app can be built to be available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Chat Channels - Secure Instant Messaging Groups

Chat Channels offers your BID the capability to support instant messaging groups that are both secure and GDPR-compliant, unlike WhatsApp.

Create a channel for Security teams to connect and exchange vital information. Or, deliver a safe community space where members can discuss local initiatives, network and share BID-related news.

  • Create custom groups - invite-only functionality lets you curate instant messaging groups by teams, streets, buildings, industry and more.

  • Connect the right people and control access - simple-to-use admin functions make it easy to add and remove Chat Channel participants.

  • Live chat access anytime, anywhere - Chat Channels can be accessed from any mobile device with iOS and Android available apps. Allowing security teams or members to connect anytime, anywhere.

  • Maintain complete oversight - this self-contained tool gives you complete visibility of all messages sent, files shared, and decisions made. Preventing abuse and offering a detailed audit trail if needed.

  • GDPR-compliant for peace of mind - unlike WhatsApp and other mainstream messaging tools, Chat Channels offers a group instant messaging service that complies with EU GDPR legislation.

Information & Emergency Hotlines

Hotline lets you create fully automated phone lines to answer calls, deliver voice updates, collect and distribute voicemails.

Ideal for delivering information updates or collecting feedback from members on BID projects and local events. Hotline can also help keep the community safe and informed in the event of a local emergency or disruption.

  • Deliver accurate information updates to build member trust - convert pre-approved text into voice messages and deliver accurate information updates to members.

  • Ensure vital updates are always available to members - Hotline can handle 1000s of simultaneous calls. Ensuring members can always access information updates and never hear an engaged ringtone.

  • Instantly provide members with new updates - members can subscribe to Hotlines and will immediately receive an automated text alert when a new information update is broadcast.

  • Improve the inbound flow of information from members - receive voicemails from your member community to collect feedback or important information. Simple tools let you assign voicemails to specific team members, mark them for follow-up or set them as complete.

  • Protect sensitive information - pin protect your Hotlines to control access and prevent sensitive information from being leaked.

Secure Instant Teleconferencing (SIT)

Create a secure group voice call in seconds where your BID team, security personnel, or members can connect. Perfect for organising local events, updating stakeholders on BID projects, or allowing security teams to coordinate responses to instances of local crime or disruption.

  • Connect key groups faster - pre-set call groups let you launch an instantly-available teleconference in a few clicks. Participants are automatically contacted on their preferred phone and can begin connecting in under 60 seconds.

  • Fast, friction-free conference access - no pins or passwords make it easy for participants to join the teleconference. They either receive a direct call or a click-to-join invitation.

  • Improve communications with post-call analysis - calls can be recorded and instantly available upon completion. Allowing you to review your communication and decision-making capabilities.

  • Always available communication channel - SIT is accessible via mobile, VOIP and traditional landlines. Offering a disaster-resistant network that remains available during major disruptions.

  • Secure by default - teleconference invitations can't be passed along, ensuring complete control of who joins the calls. With options for recording and logs encrypted on your secure independent Sentinel server.


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