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Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

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YUDU Sentinel is a crisis management tools combining mass notification and offline document handling to make organisations more resilient. Manage incidents from any device, at any time.

BIDs can add value to their members by warning them of disruption in the local area, distributing useful materials and creating a channel of communication for members to discuss urgent matters.

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“We chose YUDU Sentinel because it’s not an “off the shelf” solution. It’s been tailored to fit our needs as a BID, and the white labelling has meant that we can “own” the platform: it’s unique to Victoria BID.”

Chris Tsikolis
Head of Security and Business Resilience at Victoria Westminster BID

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Contacts Directory

Always have access to your vital contacts. Group your members by industry, location or any other factor that works for your BID in a GDPR-compliant database.
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Broadcast Centre

Communicate with your members, either individually, en-masse or by group, in 60 seconds or less. Messages can be sent via SMS, email or in-app messages, and you can receive real-time responses to yes/no questions such as “Are you safe?”
Document Centre Icon

Document Centre

Push vital documents, like evacuation plans, out to your chosen recipients who will be able to access them on any device, even offline.
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Secure Instant Telephony.

Set up a conference call with key members of your BID, even when they belong to different organisations. Invitation-only but without PINs or dial-in numbers, you can bring together your crisis team instantly
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Dedicated Cloud Hosting

Our secure, fully redundant cloud architecture means that Sentinel is a reliable backup system, dedicated to your BID. Even if servers and phone lines are down, documents and contact details hosted in Sentinel will still be available and you’ll still be able to communicate.
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Consultant-Generated Content

Our consultants can offer bespoke content for sharing with your members. From interactive counter-terror action cards, to mental health first aid for dealing with workplace trauma, there are many options to enrich your Sentinel system.
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Our cloud-based hotline service adds the ability to share live updates on a situation as it unfolds. Callers hear your update as a voice message instantly, without waiting in a queue to speak to a call centre. Our high-capacity service can handle over a million calls a minute, and you can personalise the service to meet your needs. PIN-protect for private communications or leave your hotline public. Switch voicemails on or off depending on whether you want callers to be able to leave messages or not.

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