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From everyday use to emergencies

Easy-To-Use Communication Tools For Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)

Helping you deliver better communication with members, improve district security and add value to business plans and BID projects. Sentinel is an app and web communication platform allowing your members to receive notifications, view critical documents and collaborate via chat channels and instant conference calls.

Use Case Scenarios

Sentinel communication tools can be deployed by Business Improvement Districts for hundreds of different use cases. Here are some core ways our BID partners use Sentinel to connect with their members and demonstrate value.


Broadcast updates from local police forces

Broadcast updates from your local police force to keep members informed of low-level crime and aware of any offenders.


Update on BID Sponsored Events & Initiatives

Share project plans and event timelines. With follow-up broadcasts keeping members up-to-date on progress and new information.


Share planned roadworks & traffic disruption alerts

Notify members of planned roadworks & traffic alerts with detailed maps attached. Helping them prepare for any disruption to business operations.


Create a community space where members connect

Group Chat Channels offer a safe space for members to share information, images or feedback in a secured GDPR data protected environment.


Keep members safe and informed in emergency situations

Send mass alerts or create an information hotline in emergency situations to ensure members are aware and can make themselves safe.


Connect security teams to tackle crime & antisocial behaviour

Live chat and teleconferences provide a space for security teams to connect and coordinate a response to anti-social behaviour and low-level crime.


Build trust with branded communications

Create an app for your BID, where members receive trusted messaging from your brand and view key documents, available offline.


Help recruit new members to the District

Our communication tools provide a simple and effective way to connect with potential levy members, show value and help convert them.


Share business plans and collect feedback from members

When it's time for a BID renewal, Sentinel provides a simple mechanism for publishing business plans and collecting feedback from members.

Discover how Sentinel can support your Business Improvement District

Communication Tools

Sentinel is a collection of easy-to-use communication and document-sharing tools designed for everyday use, right through to emergencies.

Keep your BID members, businesses and security teams updated with key information - road closures, protests or even incidents of crime. Share key documents like business plans and BID project plans. Or, create a community space where members can connect and collaborate.

The platform is designed to help you deliver and demonstrate success to members. Discover the range of available tools.


Broadcasting Platform

Send targeted communications to members via BID branded SMS, email and in-app channels in under 60 seconds.



Host and share key digital documents with members or even attach files to broadcasts. Mobile accessible, available anytime, anywhere.


Branded Mobile

Have your BID on the iOS & Google app stores. Create a hub where only members have access to documents resources push notifications.


Group Chat Channels

Create secure instant chat groups where BID members, security teams and more can connect and communicate.



Create an automated text-to-voice-driven phone line to provide information updates to large audiences quickly.


Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Connect key BID members or security teams in a conference call. Invitation-only, with no PINs or dial-in numbers for instant connection.

Trusted By

“We chose YUDU Sentinel because it’s not an 'off the shelf' solution. It’s been tailored to fit our needs as a BID, and the white labelling has meant that we can “own” the platform: it’s unique to Victoria BID.”

Chris Tsikolis
Head of Security and Business Resilience
Victoria Westminster BID


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