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Sentinel Crisis Management Platform Features

Explore the crisis management solutions available through the Sentinel platform. Each tool is designed to help improve your response efforts. Helping you keep employees safe and informed while resolving crisis situations faster.


Mass alerting & notification software

Sentinel offers mass alerting and notification tools for quick and clear communication with key stakeholders. Built-in feedback channels help focus crisis management response efforts.

  • Respond to crisis situations faster - create and send targeted mass notifications in under 60 seconds with easy-to-use templates and distribution groups.
  • Improve alert visibility - send multi-directional alerts to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices via email, SMS, programmable voice, in-app, and chat channels.
  • Focus crisis management efforts - two-way communication creates a clear picture of the crisis situation, creating a feedback loop for alert recipients.
  • Send alerts anytime, anywhere - mobile app access lets you communicate without the need to be in the office behind a desktop control centre.



Secure Instant Teleconferencing Software (SIT)

Instantly connect your crisis team in a secure call space to make key decisions and coordinate crisis response efforts. With built-in recording for post-crisis analysis.

  • Instantly create a collaboration space for crisis response - teleconferences are an ideal channel for communication in a crisis.
  • Connect the right team - curated call groups with invite-only access ensure the right people in your teleconference.
  • Security by default - calls can't be passed to others giving you complete control and peace of mind.
  • Access key insights on decision-making - calls are recorded and instantly available for post-crisis analysis of key decisions and response effectiveness.
  • Simple and transparent billing - monthly license fee for the module and itemised charges for call usage


Hotline - Incident Information Lines

Sentinel Hotline is a crisis management tool to automate call handling in crisis situations. Keep key stakeholders updated, improve the flow of information, and free your team to focus on incident response.

  • Instantly create a crisis information hotline - use text-to-voice technology and create voice message updates available via telephone in under 60 seconds
  • Free the crisis team - Sentinel Hotline automates telephone updates, so the crisis team are 100% focused on crisis response. Not answering calls from key stakeholders for situation updates.
  • Capture voicemail for future response - integrated voicemail and message management allows for a timely response at an appropriate point.
  • Communicate across language barriers - AI technology allows text-to-voice translation into 22 available languages. Removing the need to record and update messages in multiple languages, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Create Hotline updates anytime, anywhere - mobile app access lets you create crisis updates while on the move.


Chat Apps for PR & Crisis Response Teams

Chat Channels is a secure space to connect the crisis team for rapid response. They can communicate in real-time with instant messages and collaborate by sharing files, photos and documents.

  • Create a secure space for decision-making - instant messaging is a fast and intuitive way to communicate and make key decisions for effective crisis management.
  • Connect the right team - complete control over who administrates group chats, who is present who joins and who leaves a group.
  • Track chats for corporate oversight & post-crisis analysis - all messages and shared documents are logged in a GDPR-compliant format.
  • Sync with your HR database - staff are automatically removed from Chat Channels when removed from your HR system.


File Hosting & Distribution Software for Crisis Management Documentation

Sentinel mobilises your crisis management plans by converting them into digital documents and putting them in the pocket of every employee.

  • Share vital crisis management documents - digitise your crisis management documents and share them with your teams.
  • Make key documents accessible anytime anywhere - Sentinel supports mobile app access to key documents, which can be downloaded for offline availability.
  • Provide the latest up-to-date information - Sentinel can push out changes to digital documents ensuring everyone has the latest crisis management documentation.
  • Control access - create groups and choose which documents are shared. So teams only get the information they need to avoid distraction.


Built-in auditing and reporting tools

When Sentinel is in use, every action and communication is saved in real time for post-incident analysis and learning. Helping you improve future crisis management response efforts.

  • Review who made what decision and when - get a detailed timeline of all key decisions to get a complete overview of your crisis response.
  • Measure the impact of crisis communications - track engagement with crisis communications by channel to measure their effectiveness.
  • Don't lose key information - in the heat of a crisis, key information and decisions can be misplaced or never recorded. Sentinel ensures all data is logged and nothing is lost. Shared messages and documents cannot be deleted to hide mistakes.
  • Save time creating post-crisis reports - Sentinel has a series of built-in reports that can be created at the click of a button.

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