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Sentinel Business Continuity Management Tools


Document Management Software

Sentinel document management software offers a secure space to store and manage your business continuity documentation.

  • Information employees can trust - create a central repository of business continuity documentation that acts as a single point of truth.
  • Control document access - you can create groups and choose which documents are shared. So teams only access the information they need to avoid distraction.
  • Secure key documents - two-factor authentication, 256-bit encryption, and the AWS security infrastructure combine to ensure your critical documents are kept secure.

Document Distribution Software

Sentinel mobilises your business continuity plans by converting them into digital documents and putting them in the hands of the right people at the right time.

  • Share vital business continuity documents - digitise your business continuity documents and share them with your teams.
  • Make key documents accessible anytime anywhere - Sentinel supports mobile app access to key documents, which can be downloaded for offline availability.
  • Provide the latest up-to-date information - Sentinel can push out changes to digital documents ensuring everyone has the latest business continuity plans and processes.

Mass alerting & notification software

Sentinel offers mass alerting and notification tools for quick and clear communication to key stakeholders when critical events occur.

  • Mobilise business continuity plans faster - create and send targeted mass notifications in under 60 seconds with easy-to-use templates and distribution groups.
  • Improve alert visibility - send multi-directional alerts to mobile, tablet, and desktop devices via email, SMS, programmable voice, in-app, and chat channels.
  • Send alerts anytime, anywhere - mobile app access lets you communicate without the need to be in the office behind a desktop control centre.

Chat apps for the business continuity team

Chat Channels is a secure space for the business continuity team to collaborate with key stakeholders during critical events. Teams can connect in real-time with instant messages and document sharing.

As an independent platform, the channel is available even when internal communication systems are compromised.

  • Create a secure space for decision-making - instant messaging is a fast and intuitive way to communicate and make key decisions for maintaining business continuity.
  • Connect the right team - control who administrates group chats, who is present, who joins and who leaves a group.
  • Track chats for corporate oversight & post crisis analysis - all messages and shared documents are logged in a GDPR compliant format.
  • Sync with your HR database - staff are automatically removed from Chat Channels when removed from your HR system.

Contact management system

Sentinel offers a simple-to-use contact management system providing staff with a personalised offline accessible key contact directory in the event of a disaster.

  • Quick and simple to set up - bulk CSV imports and grouping functionality simplify the process of creating a copy of your existing contact directory.
  • Create a personalised directory for each employee - user access and contact groups combine to deliver a personalised contact directory while controlling who has access to which contacts.
  • Access key contacts anytime, anywhere - deliver mobile accessibility and offline availability of your contact directory, so employees always have access to key contacts like customers, team members and line managers.
  • Sync with your HR database - staff are automatically added or removed from your contact directory in line with your HR system.

Built-in auditing and reporting tools

Sentinel keeps track of all actions and communications in real-time for auditing and compliance. With detailed reports allowing for post-event analysis and key learning to improve future business continuity plans.

  • Review who made what decision and when - get a detailed timeline of all key decisions made during critical events.
  • Measure the impact of alerting - track response rates to mass alerts by channel to measure their suitability.
  • Don't lose key information - during disruption, key information and decisions can be misplaced or not recorded. Sentinel ensures that all data is logged. While all shared messages and documents cannot be deleted.
  • Save time creating post-crisis reports - generate a series of built-in reports at the click of a button to analyse your response to critical events.

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