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Sentinel FAQs

How does Sentinel help me with crisis management?

In building the Sentinel platform, we developed a series of powerful tools specifically designed for improving crisis management.

For each of the tools we focussed on helping you to achieve three key outcomes of successful crisis management:

  • Resolving crisis situations faster to resume normal working operations sooner.
  • Minimising disruption to working operations during the crisis situation.
  • Delivering a crisis response that prevents reputational damage.

To deliver on these key outcomes, Sentinel tools help you with crisis management in the following ways:

Simplifying the crisis management process

All Sentinel crisis management tools are designed with simplicity in mind. Ease-of-use is the focus of the user interface, so you can perform key actions with minimal effort.

Accelerating your crisis response

Our tools are designed so you can perform key crisis management activites quicker. Communicating and sharing key documentation faster, so people can reast sooner.

For example, pre-prepared templates and distribution groups let you send targetted crisis communications to 1000s of individuals, to any device, through multiple channels in under 60 seconds.

Keeping key stakeholders informed

Powerful mass communication tools simplify the process of keeping key stakeholders informed in a timely fashion. Meanwhile, document sharing tools put mobile accessible crisis management plans in the pocket of every employee.

Removing distractions for the crisis team

Tools like Hotline automate sharing critical information. So the crisis team is focussed on crisis response, not answering calls from key stakeholders in search of situation updates.

Creating a space for decision-making

Teleconferencing and live chat tools create an ideal communication space for crisis teams to make key decisions and coordinate crisis response efforts.

Providing feedback for future learning

Every communication and action on the Sentinel platform is recorded for post-crisis analysis. Built-in reports present key information helping you improve your crisis management plans and processes for future incidents.


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