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Sentinel FAQs

How does Sentinel differ from other business continuity software providers?

Most providers of business continuity software focus entirely on the preparation phase of business continuity. Offering a suite of tools aimed only at the creation of business continuity plans and simplifying this process.

Sentinel is unique, focussing instead on what to do once your plans are created, the response phase of business continuity. Making sure these plans make it into the hands of the right people at the right time, always up-to-date and accessible. After all, what’s the point of having a business continuity plan if it’s not readily available when disaster inevitably strikes.

Our platform also offers a selection of independent communication tools for alerting and collaboration during disruption. Mass notification software lets you quickly distribute documents, and alert key stakeholders to respond and mobilise business continuity plans as events unfold. While live chat functionally creates a space for knowledge exchange, problem-solving, focussing response efforts and making key decisions.

Additionally, Sentinel tracking functionality records all activities, actions, and communications with integrated reporting tools for auditing and post-event analysis for future improvement of plans and processes.

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