YUDU Sentinel: An Alternative to Everbridge

The Everbridge team has done a great job raising awareness and becoming the market share leader in this fast growing mass notification software industry. Sentinel is founded on world class technology and industry leading customer service and is a great Everbridge alternative. We can deliver some very important additional capabilities to deliver on our mission to improve the resilience of businesses and organisations. Check out the features and enquire today.

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Two-way Emergency Communication Software

Send out notifications or questions that require a response using quick response options ( responders tap yes, or no, etc.).

You can then view results in the form of a doughnut graph, or in a simple list view. Once you have sufficient responses you can use the system to 're-send' notifications to sub-groups that have been created from the 'yes' group, 'no' group or 'non-responder' group.

emergency notification system as an everbridge alternative
emergency notification software showing two way communication betweeen those at risk, and the central system

Document Distribution on Mobile Devices

Provide staff with a single app for all of your business critical documents. Documents can be updated centrally so versions are always up to date.

Typical documentation includes:
• Business continuity documents
• Disaster recovery plans
• Crisis response plans
• Business communication documents
• Training and compliance documents
• Product brochures
• Technical manuals
• Educational materials
• Marketing collateral

Sentinel SIT: Secure Instant Teleconferencing

Instantly connect people in a crisis.

Sentinel SMS and in-app messaging are excellent for alerting and getting fast feedback on who is safe and who is available but then you need to talk to agree the response. With Sentinel SIT connecting groups of people to do this is fast and simple.
Key features:
• Participants are called. No need for pins or dial-in numbers
• Invitees repond to sms invite to advise on availability
• Recording immediately available at the end of the call.
• Participants pay no call charges.
• Security: Access to the call cannot be passed onto others.
• Simple billing: Monthly license fee for the module and call-itemised usage charge.

Send from anywhere
Send from anywhere

Easy Administration

Use the in-built email verification system or bulk CSV uploads to keep contacts relevant and up to date.

Sentinel is also GDPR compliant, and we can offer custom options about where your data is hosted.