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Press Release

Building Communications Platform Launched

10 May, 2023

In the wake of the tragic Grenville fire disaster, YUDU Sentinel is launching an exciting new platform in London at the FIREX Tall Buildings Conference on the 18th of May 2023.

"It is essential that all occupants of high-risk buildings know their building is safe. Sentinel Building Communications is designed to help building managers manage the required processes."


- CEO, Richard Stephenson

It is designed for Facilities Managers and Building Owners who are managing high-risk buildings. These are defined as buildings that are more than 7 stories with more than 2 residential flats, student accommodation, some government buildings and campus-style office complexes. There are estimated to be more than 12,500 such buildings in England alone that will be required to comply with this new legislation.

The UK Building Safety Act (2022) comes into full force in 2024 but all of these buildings will now need to be registered with the new regulator and preparation has to start now.

The Golden Thread solution: Sentinel Document Management

All the critical safety and other critical documents must be stored in digital form, kept fully updated and made available to residents and specialists on request. This is not easy for the action-driven life of a building manager.

The Sentinel Document Management system makes this secure and easy. All types of files including BIM files can be uploaded and retrieved in seconds. Importantly they are all virus-checked and encrypted at rest for security.

The Communication Solution: Sentinel

In a critical incident, all the occupants of the building can receive instructions from managers and the emergency services, particularly if the Fire Service need to give instructions during a fire. This can save lives.

The Sentinel Platform also allows resident committees and building managers to share documents and established secure communication channels that can be logged and recorded for future action and review.

With two-way yes/no questions the control dashboard can quickly identify those at risk who need special help. It is particularly useful in identifying disabled persons who need help in evacuation.

Finally, providing regular updates and reports to the regulator could be onerous but it is an easy task using the Sentinel tools, logging when you report, encrypted storage and sending on a click.

Chris Phillips CEO of IPPSO commented " Sentinel is a first-class system that is an essential tool for improving the safety of residents in multi-tenant accommodation. It is ready to go in any incident which provides much-needed peace of mind for those managing high-risk buildings".

For more information

Contact Richard Stephenson, CEO for YUDU Sentinel