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Sentinel Crisis Communications Platform Features

Explore the crisis communications tools available on the Sentinel platform. Each module is purpose built to improve communication, collaboration, and information access in crisis events. So you can deliver accurate crisis information to key audiences, coordinate and accelerate response efforts and protect your reputation.


Mass alerting & notification software

The Sentinel mass alerting module makes sending crisis communications simple, scalable and fast. Improving your ability to provide accurate, up-to-date information to key audiences during major threats to your organisation and reputation.

  • Send crisis communications faster - combine message templates and distribution groups to create pre-configured crisis communications. These can be triggered in under 60 seconds when set crisis scenarios occur.
  • Easily scale your crisis communications - broadcast distribution groups let you send mass alerts to 10 or 50,000 people in just a few quick clicks.
  • Quickly confirm staff safety & collect inbound information - two-way communication lets you send alerts with quick response options to identify those in need or collect data vital to crisis response.
  • Increase the visibility of crisis communications - send simultaneous crisis communications across email, SMS, programmable voice, in-app notifications, and live chat with multi-channel communications.
  • Send alerts anytime, anywhere - create and send crisis communications from your smartphone or tablet with mobile app and web browser access. Giving you the power to respond to crisis events on the move.

Chat Apps for PR & Crisis Response Teams

The Sentinel Chat Channels module creates secure instant messaging groups where your PR & crisis response teams can connect in real-time. Accelerating and improving decision-making and information flow in crisis situations.

  • Improve crisis communication and decision-making - Chat Channels is a purpose-built space for PR & crisis response teams to connect, report, debate and make decisions.
  • Accelerate information exchange - instant messaging lets your PR & crisis teams communicate and exchange vital documents & information in real time.
  • Always available communication channel - our independent cloud-based deployment ensures Chat Channels remain available. Even when your internal communication systems fail.
  • Connect the right people & control access - user-friendly admin functions make it easy to create groups and add or remove participants. Ensuring you quickly connect the right people in crisis events.
  • Connect team members anytime, anywhere - with mobile app and web browser access, response teams can connect to Chat Channels on any internet-connected desktop, tablet, or smartphone device.
  • Secure sensitive crisis communications - Sentinel's single client setup delivers a self-contained communication channel used only by your employees. Ringfenced with cutting-edge security to ensure sensitive information remains private.

Secure Instant Teleconferencing Software (SIT)

Secure Instant Teleconferencing from Sentinel connects your crisis teams on secure group voice calls. Creating a channel to establish key facts, exchange information and make decisions to coordinate a crisis response.

  • Connect PR & crisis teams faster - pre-set call groups let you launch an instantly-available teleconference in a quick few clicks. With participants automatically contacted on their preferred phone, teams can begin connecting in under 60 seconds.
  • Always available communication channel - SIT connects teams over mobile, VOIP and traditional landlines. These disaster-resistant networks typically remain available, utilising landlines that aren't reliant on power grids or the internet.
  • Fast, friction-free conference access - no pins or passwords make it easy for participants to join the teleconference. They either receive a direct call or a click-to-join invitation.
  • Improve communications with post-crisis analysis - calls can be recorded and instantly available upon completion. Allowing you to assess communication and decision-making effectiveness after crisis event resolution to identify improvements.
  • Secure by default - teleconference invitations can't be passed along, ensuring complete control of who joins the calls. With all call recordings and logs encrypted on your secure independent Sentinel server.

Hotline - Incident Information Lines

Create a fully automated call centre for crisis situations. Provide clear information updates to control the narrative and prevent misinformation.

Hotline can automatically answer calls, deliver voice updates, collect and distribute voicemails. Leaving crisis teams free to focus on response efforts.

  • Always available crisis communication updates - Hotline's cloud-based system can answer 1000s of simultaneous calls. Ensuring you always communicate in a crisis.
  • Accurate crisis updates control the narrative - convert pre-approved updates into voice messages to deliver accurate and up-to-date crisis information. Creating a single source of truth to prevent rumours and misinformation.
  • Deliver the right message to the right person - in minutes, create a switchboard to handle multiple Hotlines. Deliver updates and collect voicemails by location, audience, product & more.
  • Automatically update audiences as the crisis evolves - callers can subscribe to information Hotlines and receive automated text alerts as new updates are made available.
  • Improve inbound information flow - Sentinel Hotline automatically collects inbound information through voicemails. Intuitive voicemail management software ensures this information reaches the right people automated or manual message redirection.
  • Protect sensitive information - pin protect Hotlines to control access and prevent the release of sensitive information.

File Hosting & Distribution Software

The Sentinel Files Management module lets you securely store and share critical files and digital documents in crisis situations. Ensuring your PR and crisis communication plans are available anytime, anywhere, without the need for internet connectivity.

  • Deliver critical files to the right person at the right time - create distribution groups and deliver critical crisis communications documentation as major events occur.
  • Ensure crisis communication plans are available anytime, anywhere - Sentinel supports mobile app and web browser access so teams can access critical files from any location on desktop, tablet or smartphone devices. The app supports download functionality for offline file access, removing reliance on internet connectivity.
  • Only provide the latest documents - changes to digital documents are automatically downloaded to devices, so everyone only accesses the most up-to-date information.
  • Secure sensitive files - identity access controls and 256-bit encryption protect the information in sensitive files being accessed by the wrong people.

Built-in auditing and reporting tools

Sentinel tracks all platform communications and actions in real-time. Detailed audit logs and reporting deliver deep insight to improve future crisis communications, while helping you meet set compliance requirements.

  • Review who made what decision and when - get a detailed timeline of all key decisions and communications made during critical events.
  • Measure the impact of crisis communications - see mass alert response rates by channel, analyse live chat interactions, and listen back to teleconferences.
  • Don't lose key information - during disruption, key information and decisions can be misplaced or not recorded. Sentinel ensures that all data is logged. While all shared messages and documents cannot be deleted to hide mistakes.
  • Save time creating post-crisis reports - generate a series of built-in reports at the click of a button to analyse your response to critical events.

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