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Sentinel Crisis Communications Software FAQs

Explore the frequently asked questions about our crisis communications tools, available on the Sentinel Platform. Or, ask your own questions by contacting us at

How can Sentinel improve my crisis communications?

In developing Sentinel, we built a series of powerful communication, collaboration, and file distribution tools. They are designed to be intuitive, and easy to use. Making complex and otherwise time consuming activities simple.

When used for crisis communications, Sentinel delivers signficant improvements including the ability to:

  • Simplify and accelerate the release of crisis communications
  • Support information exchange and decision-making to improve and accelerate crisis response and resolution
  • Allow teams to respond to crisis situations from any location
  • Ensure crisis communication plans and documents are always available
  • Provide resilient crisis communication channels in worst-case scenarios
  • Deliver insight for post-event analysis to improve future crisis communications

Can I have a free trial of Sentinel?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial period on the Sentinel platform. Instead, we offer a free demonstration of the platform, personalised to the unique needs of your business.

When you book a demo, we’ll organise a quick call ahead of schedule. Our expert consultants will take the time to listen to the challenges your organisation is facing. Along with a few exploratory questions of our own, we’ll build a complete picture of your crisis management software needs...

Do I need to install anything to use Sentinel?

No, there’s nothing you need to install. All you need to get started with Sentinel is a device, internet connection and web browser.

Sentinel is a cloud-based platform comprised of a series of communication, document management and reporting software modules.

The platform operates using a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model. Sentinel software is hosted centrally, with access to the software licensed on a subscription basis....

How much does Sentinel cost?

There is no one answer to this question. The simplest - and arguably most vague - answer is, it depends.

It depends on how many tools you choose to use, your minute and message consumption of the communication tools, and whether you opt for additional bolt-on packages. To fully understand the flexible cost of Sentinel we need to dig a little deeper...

Call the Sentinel team or book a demo to find out more