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A Crisis Management and Response Platform
for Law Firms & Legal Services

Discover how the Sentinel Platform can improve operational resilience, speed incident response and resolution times

YUDU Sentinel: Specifically designed for the legal sector

Legal firms need fast and effective communication during an emergency. The very nature of their work requires a crisis management platform that is both secure and compliant. Sentinel fulfils that obligation.

YUDU Sentinel is ideal for the legal sector. Originally developed for law firm Farrer & Co, it was purpose built to improve organisational resilience and overcome a range of challenges the firm experienced when a major fire close to their building forced a staff evacuation and prolonged office closure.

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Sentinel is the right choice for Law Firms & Legal Services

How Sentinel is used for Crisis Management in the Legal Sector:

  • Ensure business critical documents are instantly accesslible in times of crisis and can be shared securely to meet the privacy requirments of the legal sector
  • Provide instant messaging for internal communication that is secure, compliant and fully auditable
  • Send mass notifications to any device to rapidly inform clients and legal staff when incidents occur
  • Provide an incident Hotline with voice message updates in times of crisis
  • A single tenant cloud platform provides the increased demands of security and client privacy that is required by Law Firms & Legal Services
  • Setup instant conference calls for the crisis team to communicate and respond faster when incidents occur
  • Ensure staff can reach critical contacts with a GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your HR database
  • Sentinel provides UK data residency and is ISO27001 certified to meet strict regulatory requirements

Why Farrer & Co chose Sentinel

Even the best laid plans can be challenged when disaster strikes. Something law firm Farrer & Co discovered when a local fire forced the evacuation of staff and closed their offices for as prolonged period .

In response to the incident, the firm approached YUDU to build a crisis management system from scratch. One that would address the problems they faced during the Holborn fire and also ensure a more resilient organisation going forward.

Discover for yourself why Sentinel is ideal for Law Firms & Legal Services

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