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A Crisis Management Platform
for Schools, Colleges & Universities

Discover how the Sentinel Platform helps institutions in the Education sector respond to major incidents to safeguard students and staff

Why Sentinel for the Education Sector

Senior Management in Schools, Colleges and Universities are charged with a duty of care for the safety of students and staff. This involves you having crisis management tools to quickly respond to and resolve major incidents. This can include anything from building fires, demonstrators on campus or school closure in the event of a global pandemic.

YUDU Sentinel is the perfect platform for crisis response and communication. It allows for 2-way alerting, instant mass communication of accurate messaging and document sharing. Ensuring student safety, staff respond accordingly, and parents can be kept informed.

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Sentinel is the right choice for the Education sector

How Sentinel is used for Crisis Management in Schools, Colleges and Universities:

  • Two-way alerting allows senior management to track the safety of students and staff in the event of a major incident – regardless of whether on campus or a field trip
  • Mass notifications alert all staff, students and parents 24/7/365. Allowing the rapid response required by a major incident such as a school evacuation or closure in the event of fire, lockdown or extreme weather
  • Secure instant messaging lets faculty members communicate from anywhere via their digital device during an incident
  • Hotline voice messages keep pupils, parents and staff informed of any existing or ongoing incidents. Preventing school secretaries being overwhelmed with incoming calls
  • Initiate instant conference calls to update and coordinate the senior management team to speed crisis response and resolution
  • Share digital documents like emergency plans and procedures for fires, active shooter situations and extreme weather. Ensuring staff are supported and can follow a step by step plan during any emergency
  • Ensure university and school staff can reach critical contacts with a GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your database
  • Sentinel provides a single tenant platform, UK data residency and is ISO27001 certified to meet the strict security and regulatory requirements of the education sector
  • Sentinel is fully audited allowing you to accurately report on all incidents to improve future incident response plans. You can also record any drills or exercises and their outcomes for training purposes
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