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Automated Call Centre Features

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Cloud-based Call Handling Software
Text-to-speech with AI Translation
Voicemail Management Software
Call Routing Software
Web and App-based Access
Built-in Reporting

Cloud-based call handling software

Our independent cloud-based platform offers an always-available communication channel to deliver crisis updates and collect inbound voicemails for vital information exchange.

  • Free your team to focus on crisis response - Sentinel Hotline automates the process of handling crisis updates and voicemail collection. So your teams are free to focus on solving the crisis impacting your organisation.
  • Always answer the phone - Sentinel Hotlines always answer and are never engaged. Our cloud-based phone network scales to handle 1000s of simultaneous inbound calls, ensuring you can always deliver critical crisis updates.
  • Communicate when internal systems are offline - hosted independently on the AWS cloud platform, the largest global network, Sentinel is always online and available. So you have an independent communication channel to deliver crisis updates even when internal systems and channels are compromised.
  • Save money on line rental - available as an on-demand service for crisis situations, you only pay for Hotline when you're using it. Unlike traditional landlines where you're always paying line rental costs.

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Sentinel Hotline Cloud-Based Call Handling
Sentinel Hotline Text-to-Voice Technology

Text-to-Speech Software & AI Translation

Use text-to-speech software to seamlessly converts your crisis updates into natural voice messages - available in 22 languages - which play automatically when individuals call your Hotline.

  • Deliver consistent crisis updates - Sentinel Hotline lets you create a pre-recorded voice message, so all callers will hear the same information. Ensuring you can control the flow of information and offer a single trusted source of truth for crisis updates.
  • Create crisis updates that can be understood by everyone - turn your text updates into natural-sounding speech, free from accents to promote universal understanding.
  • Protect your brand by preventing misinformation - human operators can make mistakes, providing incorrect information or sharing sensitive information that can damage your brand. Using text-to-voice updates ensures you can set the narrative and control the flow of information in crisis situations.
  • Save time and effort delivering multilingual updates - convert your voice updates into 22 languages at the click of a button. No need to source native language speakers.

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Voicemail Management System

Accelerate and enhance the collection, distribution, and response to voicemails in crisis situations. Helping you to improve the flow of information and prioritise incident response efforts as events unfold.

  • Automatically route information to the right person - in a crisis, use the central console to deploy multiple Hotlines with pathways to collect and route voice messages to the right department for response. Improving the flow of information during a crisis.
  • Prioritise messages in need of attention - our simple-to-use interface lets you listen to, annotate, and flag high priority messages for immediate attention. Helping you to improve your incident response.
  • Avoid duplication of effort - voice messages can be assigned to individuals for response and marked as complete to avoid duplication of effort.
  • Don't miss vital information - set up email notifications to alert your team of new voicemails in need of response.

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Sentinel Hotline Voicemail Management System
Sentinel Hotline Call Routing Technology

Call Routing Software

Create a switchboard to automatically handle call routing in crisis situations - without the need for additional software. Helping you collect voicemails and provide information updates specific to the caller.

  • Take the pressure off call agents in crisis situations - Sentinel can take over call routing in crisis situations to handle the elevated inbound call volume.
  • Route inbound callers to the correct location - create an automated switchboard, so callers can choose to receive an update, leave a message, or speak to an agent.
  • Improve information collection and distribution in crisis situations - combine multiple Hotlines with our call routing software to share or collect information based on location, office, department, and product.

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Web And App-Based Access

Sentinel Hotline offers a mobile-accessible solution, giving you the ability to communicate in crisis situations from anywhere in the world. Create an automated call centre in minutes, direct from your mobile.

  • Manage crisis events anytime, anywhere - web browser and app-based connectivity let you access the full functionality of Sentinel Hotline anytime, anywhere. As long as you have internet access.
  • Access via any device - our platform access is available via any desktop, tablet, smartphone device - with apps for both Android and iOS.
  • Keep communicating when internal systems fail - as an independent platform, with mobile accessibility, you can connect to Sentinel Hotline even when your internal systems are compromised.

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Sentinel Hotline Web & App-Based Access
Sentinel Hotline Auditing & Reporting

Built in auditing and reporting tools

Sentinel Hotline keeps track of all actions and communications in real-time for auditing and compliance. With detailed reports allowing for post-event analysis and key learning to improve future business continuity plans.

  • Review who made what decision and when - get a detailed timeline of all key decisions made during critical events.
  • Measure the effectiveness of Hotlines - track key metrics to analyse performance including calls receieved, messages left, and messages handled.
  • Don't lose key information - during disruption, key information and decisions can be misplaced or not recorded. Sentinel Hotline ensures all voicemails and key actions are recorded and stored securely.
  • Save time creating post-event reports - create a series of built-in reports at the click of a button to analyse your response to critical events.

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