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A Crisis Management Platform
for Entertainment Venues

Discover how the Sentinel Platform supports rapid mass communication while improving incident response and resolution times

Join The Royal National Theatre and choose Sentinel as your crisis comms platform

Effective crisis management for entertainment venues is vital, a minor incident can become a full-blown crisis at terrifying speed. Venues may need to be evacuated, crowds controlled while staff and customers demand immediate updates. The Sentinel crisis communication platform is your solution.

The Royal National Theatre understands the importance of effective communication in crisis. Which is why they use Sentinel to improve their emergency comms and operational resilience. Find out why.

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Sentinel is the right choice for Entertainment Venues

How Sentinel is used for Crisis Management & Comms in Theatres, Cinemas and Concert Halls:

  • Communicate key information to staff and the general public instantly using multiple channels - SMS, email, in-app notifications etc.
  • Provide an incident hotline with voice message updates during an emergency. Keep emergency services and the general public informed while letting crisis teams focus on incident resolution
  • Activate and recieve confirmation from key contacts via 2-way alerting features to monitor staff safety
  • Share instantly accessible digital documents including business contintinuity and crisis management plans for critical incidents like venue evacuation
  • Chat Channels allow crisis teams and wider staff members communicate quickly via secure in-app instant messaging
  • Setup instant conference calls for the crisis team to communicate and respond faster when incidents occur
  • Ensure staff can reach critical contacts with a GDPR compliant contact directory that syncs with your HR database
  • A single tenant platform provides increased security required in the entertainment sector
  • Track and analyse all actions and responses to improve incident response in future

Why The Royal National Theatre uses Sentinel

The Royal National Theatre uses Sentinel as the platform for its Emergency Notification System. Sentinel lets them quickly and easily construct and send critical information to local businesses and respond to those in need.

Sentinel's comprehensive notification system keeps everyone informed before, during and after all events to achieve situational awareness when time is of the essence. The National Theatre Sentinel App is available for download via the Apple and Google Play App stores.

Discover for yourself why Sentinel is right for your entertainment venue.

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Cyber Crisis Communications

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Discover how Sentinel can support you with industry-specific incidents

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