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Music festivals, sporting events, and public entertainment venues are all about providing an unforgettable experience to visitors. From the food to the light and sound engineering, everything has to be perfect. To achieve this, event organisers rely on specialist contractors such as caterers, light and sound engineers, security, broadcasters, and performers to make the magic happen.

But what happens when something goes wrong? How does the event organiser communicate instructions immediately and get the specialist contractors to take the right action? The answer lies in effective communication technology.

Delivering on a duty of care

The event organiser has a duty of care to these hired staff and not only has to keep them safe but also ensure that they communicate the correct instructions to visitors to the event. Crowd management is essential to avoid a stampede where visitors can be crushed as they rush towards exits. And not just security staff, but all staff have an important part to play.

In a major incident, command and control is essential. Communication technology has to be instantly available for the incident response team to send out the right messages. An information vacuum due to a slow response can be equally as dangerous as providing false data that is often spread immediately on social media. The event organisers have to be the single source of truth.

Implementing safety and security solutions

One solution to this challenge is the deployment of QR code registration systems. This technology can be used to effortlessly register all specialist contractors and performers, making it easier to manage them during the event. This system can be used to track the movement of contractors and performers, allowing for more efficient communication and coordination.

In addition, this technology can be used to make events safer for visitors, staff, and contractors. By providing real-time information and instructions, the risk of accidents and incidents can be significantly reduced. Moreover, the QR code registration system removes people's data when the event ends, ensuring privacy and data protection.


In conclusion, the use of communication technology such as QR code registration systems is critical in ensuring the safety of visitors, staff, and contractors during music festivals, sporting events, and public entertainment venues.

Event organisers must be proactive in adopting new technology to make their events safer and more secure. This will not only enhance the visitor experience but also increase confidence in event safety, leading to increased attendance and revenue.