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The Sentinel Enterprise Chat Application Explained

Written by Richard Stephenson
CEO at YUDU Sentinel

19 June, 2023

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Sentinel Enterprise Chat is a secure chat application specifically designed for crisis teams or organisations seeking the utmost data security and compliance features in their internal communications. It offers a user-friendly and familiar chat-style interface that can be accessed by staff, contractors, and trusted third-party personnel using any connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device.

Sentinel Enterprise Chat is a centrally managed application that can be customised and own-branded. Robust user and permission management controls provide organisations with full visibility and control over the application.

Here are the key features that set Sentinel Enterprise Chat apart:

  1. Access Control: The app requires biometric authentication which is quick and secure.

  2. Own-Branding: The Sentinel Application is tailored and branded to match the identity of each client organisation, creating a sense of ownership and familiarity.

  3. Dedicated Server for Each Client: Chat data and shared files are encrypted and stored exclusively on servers dedicated to each client, ensuring the highest level of data privacy and minimising the risk of unauthorised access.

  4. Encryption both End-to-End and at Rest: All data and files within Sentinel Chat are encrypted both at rest and during transit. This means that information is protected from unauthorised access, providing an extra layer of security.

  5. Malware Scanning: Any files, images or videos uploaded to the chat application undergo immediate malware scanning. Infected files are flagged and cannot be shared thereby protecting the organisation’s network.

  6. Single Sign ON (SSO): This feature ensures that the user can move seamlessly between the Enterprise Chat and other Sentinel Applications.

  7. Collaborative User Features: Users can create channels, add or remove participants, share files, and collaborate through chat. This fosters effective teamwork and efficient communication within the organisation.

  8. Real-time Monitoring: Administrators at the highest level can choose to monitor conversations and files shared in both open and closed channels in real time. This feature enables oversight and compliance with organisational policies, if necessary.

  9. Multi-platform Access: Sentinel Enterprise Chat can be accessed via web browsers or through dedicated iOS and Android apps. This flexibility ensures seamless communication across various devices.

  10. SMS and Email Alerts: The chat application is integrated with the Sentinel SMS and email system to send alerts to channel members.

In summary, Sentinel Enterprise Chat provides organisations with a secure and compliant enterprise chat solution. With its customisable branding, dedicated servers, encryption, malware scanning, collaborative features, real-time monitoring, multi-platform access, and alert capabilities, it offers a comprehensive and user-friendly communication tool for internal use.

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