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Why Sentinel Hotline for Universities & Colleges

The pandemic is overwhelming the duty of care provided by universities to both students and staff. Covid-19 is causing severe reputational damage. At the heart of the problem lies communication.

Are crisis comms proving a challenge at your college? Are phones ringing off the hook as students seek support, while staff are stretched to breaking point by a comms system unsuitable for the task at hand?

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Sentinel Hotline is here to help in four key areas

  1. Keep students fully informed using Sentinel Hotline text-to-voice messages. These can be pin protected and created in more than 20 different languages - perfect for communicating with foreign language students.
  2. Students can leave messages to ask questions and request support via a confidential channel. Each line supports 1000s of simultaneous calls and a message management system helps staff handle enquiries.
  3. Hotline for parents provides reassurance and removes the pressure on your switchboards.
  4. Hotline for staff and security keeps key employees up to speed on the latest lockdown requirements and how they should be implemented.

Here's how Hotline works

  • Once you sign up you are assigned a Hotline number and access to your Hotline console.
  • Type a message into the console and your keystrokes are converted into a voice message. Change messages as often as you like.
  • Your message immediately becomes available to those who dial your Hotline number.
  • Our text to speech technology allows messages to be posted in more than 20 languages.
  • Confidential messages can be PIN protected.
  • Hotline has voicemail that's integrated with a sophisticated message management system where case notes can be stored.
  • Hotline can be operated and updated remotely.
  • Hotline handles thousands of calls, so staff and switchboards are never overloaded.
  • Message updates can be sent as a news ticker to your website.

Explore Key Hotline Features

Discover first hand how Hotline can be deployed in your University by calling the numbers below

Circle 1

Student Information

Listen to a status update for Students using text-to-voice messages

Call +441422419578
Circle 2

Student Reporting

Experience student reporting by leaving a confidential voice message

Call +441524917357
Circle 3


Listen to a status update in Mandarin designed for foreign students

Call +441432803452

Call the Hotline team to find out more, or book a demo to see the platform in action.

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