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From everyday use to emergencies

Simple and Affordable BID Communication Tools

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A simple outbound SMS alerting tool to communicate with BID members.

Members scan a QR code to subscribe for instant SMS updates. You just type the message and send. Simple.

Ideal for:

  • Updating members on local disruption - roadworks, accidents, protests
  • Sending out security alerts for incidents of crime to keep members safe and informed
  • Keeping members up-to-date on upcoming BID events
  • Helping members to market and improve their business

Scan the QR code to see Alertline

Alertline QR Code

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Public reporting and information hotlines for the BID area.

An automated line to answer calls, play messages and collect voicemails.

It can be used to:

  • Keep members informed & safe following a local incident like fire or a violent crime
  • Update members on latest road closures and live events
  • Collect public feedback on future BID activity and improvement plans
  • Provide BID community support in power outages with volunteers and agencies

Scan the QR code to call a Hotline

Alertline QR Code

Plans and Pricing

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Register for a 30-day free trial and secure 20% off future monthly line fees for 12 months

Available until 30/11/2022


(Outbound Comms)


+ £0.07 per SMS segment

What's included:

  • Automated subscriber list management
  • Scalable SMS alerting tool
  • GDPR compliant
  • Subscription QR code and/or standard poster
  • Local telephone number
  • SMS Sender ID for trusted comms
  • £0.07 per SMS segment
  • Unlimited Seats/Managers


(Inbound Comms)


1000 minutes included
(overages apply)

What's included:

  • High capacity BID phone line for community support
  • Immediate answering to hear latest updates
  • Updates are typed and converted to a realistic voice
  • Voicemail can be activated for message handling
  • Easy to use secure BID portal

Alertline & Hotline


Combine & Save

What's included:

  • All the features of Alertline and Hotline!

Register for a 30-day Free Trial and Secure a 20% Discount

Register for a 30-day free trial and secure 20% off future monthly line fees for 12 months. Discover the full capabilities of Sentinel Alertline & Hotline with a personalised demo. Complete the form to get started.

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